The most loved and in-demand HoK Parents Workshop Series is coming around the corner!

In this Series, our first Workshop is on October 19th (Thursday) – Language Learning. 

How to support your child(ren) to learn foreign language(s) in a most effective and joyful way? 

Mr. Farshad Danicek, an experienced language expert in Early Years, as well as the founder of House of Knowledge, will present and share with you many practical tips and advice that you can do at home or when you are with your child(ren). 

Date/Time: October 19th (Thursday), 6pm-7:30pm

Language: English (with Chinese translation)

Participants: For parents only (whose children are aged 0-6 years)

Cost: Free

Contact Info

Please scan below QR code to sign up. We look forward to seeing you soon!