School Service

School Service

School Bus

We offer school buses in different routes convenient to pick-up students and ensure their safety. Every school bus is driven by a licensed and experienced bus driver and accompanied by an Ayi to look after students. We also provide child car seats on each bus for children under 3 years old.

School Meals

Healthy eating is especially important for children. Our students only receive quality food such as Wondermilk brand milk, sugar-free yogurt, fresh bread from a local German bakery, meats from a licensed butcher, organic rice and flour. Whenever possible, we provide organic fruits and vegetables from verified local farms. All meals are prepared freshly by in-house chefs and all suppliers are required to regularly provide food safety certificates.

Safety First

All House of Knowledge campuses are licensed by the Education Bureau and other relevant authorities. We also comply with the requirement of full camera surveillance of all major campus areas.

Clean Air

Each classroom at House of Knowledge is equipped with a computerized Airburg filter that provides clean, oxygen-rich air. For added safety, we place an additional mobile air purifier in each classroom. We continuously monitor air quality in the classroom.