Early Years

18 months - 4 years


“We focus on the whole child: their intellectual, social and emotional development”

We believe that a positive experience in education from an early age is essential to nurture a life-long love of learning. Our safe and caring environment allows students to express themselves, encourages an enquiring mind and celebrates independent thinking through experiential learning.

Our Reggio Emilia inspired Early Years curriculum immerses your child in range of stimulating interactions and creative experiences that are the foundation for personal and academic success in later life. Curriculum topics revolve around questions that nurture curiosity and answers are found in projects that require teamwork, grit and creativity. At House of Knowledge, children can be little researchers, explorers, inventors and entrepreneurs! They develop the confidence and problem-solving skills that will help them succeed in life.

The HoK Lifelong Learning Tree

To be successful in life, a child needs a strong foundation in fundamental competencies. Prior to specialized skills and knowledge, a child needs to develop a positive self-concept, the competency to learn and to build relationships. From those roots, skills and knowledge can grow. At House of Knowledge, these developmental areas range from arts and science to languages and various life skills.

Art & Drama

Art is a language in which children (and adults!) can express their thoughts and feelings about important experiences. Art develops their sense of shapes, colors, and patterns and enriches their vocabulary. Also, we practice drama through open and creative role-play. A child may be whoever they desire to be, with or without costumes, and able to follow their dreams and imaginations as they embody an important character they wish to play.

Global Awareness

Germany’s national poet, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, said: ‘Children need two things: roots and wings.’ At House of Knowledge, children learn to appreciate their home culture and build a strong identity. We guide their natural curiosity to explore other cultures and teach them to understand differences and to work together respectfully.


Music & Dance

Through music, a universal language, we communicate our feelings and connect to others – no matter where they come from. At House of Knowledge, we sing, dance and hum in our daily morning circles, while cleaning-up, during playtime and other activities. Such immersion in music positively influences the emotional and physical wellbeing of children and helps them connect across age groups.


Math is more than calculating; it helps children to establish a relationship between the abstract and the real world. Therefore, math is part of our daily life at House of Knowledge. Before even counting numbers and measuring, they will learn skills in things such as separating and matching, comparing different quantities, knowing shapes, patterns and finding symmetries.

Social Awareness

All educators at House of Knowledge create an emotionally secure and affectionate environment for your child to grow, interact and learn how to understand the feelings and needs of those around them. This is the foundation for empathy and respectful behaviour in later life.


The influence of technology on our lives will continue to grow. It is important to understand technology and new media instead of just consuming them. At House of Knowledge, we empower students to use technology actively and creatively in projects and research.

Language Awareness
Language acquisition is more than learning words. Even before active learning begins, children develop awareness for a foreign language through listening and daily interaction. At House of Knowledge we provide an environment that makes children feel comfortable in English and Chinese from an early age.
Nature & Science

Children have an innate curiosity for the natural world and the everyday phenomena that surround them.  We nurture their interest in this area through age-appropriate experiments, discussions, research and exciting team projects.

Life Skills

Practicing life skills and social competencies helps children develop self-esteem, confidence and proactive independence. At House of Knowledge, children learn step by step to take on responsibility for daily classroom routines. This plants the seed for self-discipline and responsibility in later life.

Motor Body & Health

Activity is a natural human function and need. At House of Knowledge, students learn about the human body and through this topic they learn about themselves and the world around them.

Phonics & Literacy:

Reading and writing well has always been at the center of a good education. We hold on to this “ideal” and help our students master the written and spoken word – in English, Chinese and other languages.


Build a cooperative classroom environment to fuel motivation, with child-directed instruction, hands-on experiences, ownership of materials, and interactive online activities, and by supporting and exploring imagination.


Introduce letter-sound relationships systematically, sequentially, and explicitly.


Explore vocabulary in quality literature, during instruction, and in everyday communication.


Phonological Awareness ensures readiness for phonics instruction with short, daily exercises.

Language learning in HoK’s Early Year’s program is facilitated through our Immersion Project Program(IPP)


Academics are covered through “projects” with singular themes


IPP is used in conjunction with the one-person-one-language approach


Context allows our students to grasp similar vocabulary in the additional languages


The IPP provides students with a fun, non-intimidating opportunity to learn a new language

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Early Years Daily Schedule

Our Early Years classes follow the schedule below.
Please note that classroom schedules may vary to adapt to the specific needs of individual groups and/or children.
Drop off and pick up times remain the same.