18 months – 6 years old
Extended Education

HoK strives to create opportunities for children to continue learning and growing

Even after regular school hours are over, we offer a variety of engaging After School Activities (ASA’s) and Camps throughout the year that are open to the whole community.

HoK Camps

HoK camps are all about child-driven creativity and enriching young children through hands-on learning, crafts, games and language immersion.

The camps are held in English and Chinese and centered on an exciting and educational theme. Half-day and full-day programs are available to suit ages 3 to 6 years.


Enriching ASA’s serve as an extended educational opportunity for our students!

We believe that ASA’s are an integral part of the academic and personal development of our students and provide a broad range of activities that are creative, scholastic or athletic in nature.


Our Saturday School program offers an intensive English language program for non-native speakers who want to be well-prepared for the language requirements in Elementary School.

The program provides an English immersion experience, with native English language teachers.

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