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International Faculty

Our teachers go through a rigorous application process and are appointed based on their professional qualification, experience and their demonstrated enthusiasm for teaching. Speaking only their native languages to the students, they bring their many years of experience as well as their culture into the classroom to create an inspiring multilingual environment. Because we believe so strongly in life-long learning, we also provide continued professional development for faculty through seminars, workshops and several in-house trainings throughout the school year.

Interested in joining the HoK team?

We are thrilled with your interest in our school! We are looking for individuals that are excited about working in a multicultural environment and whose collective goal is to inspire and equip children to become lifelong learners. Candidates should be team-oriented, compassionate, proactive, creative individuals who excel in collaborative cross-cultural environments.

Aligned with the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection, we require all applicants to have a reference and criminal background check.

Teaching Staff

Early Years Lead Teacher (English or German)

LOCATION: Beijing, China

CATEGORY: Early Years Education

TYPE: Full-Time

We are looking for a passionate and enthusiastic Elementary Lead Teacher to join our trilingual Elementary School. The Elementary Lead Teacher is responsible for the academic and social-emotional growth and development of all children in their classroom. Our programs are divided into Kindergarten (5-6 years) and Elementary (6-11 years) age classrooms. The Elementary Lead Teacher develops partnerships with parents/caregivers to engage and encourage their participation in the program. The Elementary Lead Teacher is also responsible for assuring compliance regarding all children’s personal and school internal information and works collegially with other staff members of House of Knowledge

include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
• Manage classroom with up to 20 children
• Manage a team of three other Co- and Team Teachers
• Plan and deliver project units based on the International Primary Curriculum (including ESL/English Language Art or German, Mathematics, World Studies), utilizing a broad range of appropriate techniques, strategies and materials
• Develop each student’s ability to read, write, speak, and listen in content areas at levels that ensure learners meet or exceed learning objectives
• Participate in school events, extracurricular activities and in other supporting tasks as needed (e.g., proofreading of letters, marketing activities etc.)
• Academic assessment and portfolio documentation
• Maintain partnership and effective home-school communication with parents/caregivers
• Maintain team meetings, support, guidance and be a role model for other teaching staff
• Ensure a safe, healthy, exciting, challenging and collaborative learning environment

• Bachelor’s degree or above
• Valid Elementary teacher accreditation/certification
• 2+ years of teaching experience at Elementary School
• English or German native speaker
• Dedication to international, multicultural, visionary education and positive school culture
• Excellent communication, problem solving, and priority setting skills as well as professional attitude/disposition
• Ability to effectively manage a classroom, plan, organize and implement educational activities
• Ability to effectively manage a team of teachers
• Ability to make decisions on behalf of children to protect their well-being
• Intellectual agility, open-mindedness, confidence, stress resistance
• Ability to manage confidential information
• Basic IT proficiency
• Additional skills in areas such as music, sports, technology, arts and crafts are an advantage

Apply now! Send your cover letter, resume, copies of qualifications and references to: hr@hokschools.com