Tuition & Fees

2018 - 2019

Nursery Half day program – ¥ 100,320

Nursery Full day program – ¥ 118,250

English Pre-K Full day program – ¥ 147,210

German Pre-K Full day program – ¥ 154,220

Application Fee – ¥ 2,000

New Student Fee – ¥ 16,000

Deposit – ¥ 15,000

Lunch Fee – ¥ 7,800

School Bus Fee – ¥ 9,000 – 11,300

Full Day Program – ¥ 143,500

Application Fee – ¥ 2,000

New Student Fee – ¥ 16,000

Deposit – ¥ 15,000

Lunch Fee – ¥ 7,800

School Bus Fee – ¥ 9,000 – 11,300

Full day program – ¥ 177,200

Application Fee – ¥ 2,000

New Student Fee – ¥ 16,000

Deposit – ¥ 15,000

Lunch Fee – ¥ 7,800

School Bus Fee – ¥ 9,000 – 11,300

Payment Terms

Tuition covers most in-class activities and materials. Services such as meals, bus transportation, and after-school activities will be procured for an additional fee.

The new student fee is a one-time, non-interest-bearing charge for each child enrolling at House of Knowledge.

The deposit is a one-time, non-interest-bearing security deposit, to be paid during enrollment, and will be held by the school for the duration of the student’s time at House of Knowledge. When a student is withdrawn from House of Knowledge, the deposit will be returned after deductions for any amounts owed to the school, in accordance with the policies listed in the “tuition and fees” form.

Fees can be paid per term or annually.

Method of Payment

Payment can be made via bank transfer in RMB only.


Annual Payment Discount

A 5% discount is available on annual tuition fees (excluding other fees) if the full 2018/2019 payment is received by the due date.

Embassy & Corporate Discount

Please contact us to see if your embassy or company are eligible for a corporate rate.

Sibling Discount

Parents enrolling more than one child at the same time are eligible for a sibling discount (on tuition fees only) in the amounts indicated below.

First Child

Second Child Third Child or More
Standard rates apply 10%



What our parents are saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our parents do the talking!

What I love about HoK is the familiar atmosphere where the kids know not just their own class, but other class teachers and students by their name. Most importantly, I know that our daughter has flourished at HoK, and looks forward to each and every day she has a chance to attend. She loves her English and Chinese teachers and cannot wait to play with her friends. Nadine Missal


My daughter joined HoK when she was only 1 ½ and is now 3 ½ – more than half her life! I have been happy with the careful nurturing and creative environment, which has allowed her to blossom.
More recently, I have seen the positive effects of the ASAs, which are clearly inspiring her. I also love the extra activities the school organises, such as a recent trip to the zoo.

  Annabel Gaywood

United Kingdom of Great Britian

That’s been almost 2 years that we sent Yu Jie to HoK. Warm and harmonious are the words that I want to describe HoK and the teachers. We’ve seen how much Yu Jie learned and gain his confidence. We love HoK just like a big family. Angela Lee


HoK is the most amazing school. It is an extended family, very warm and accommodating with an extremely close cooperation between the school and home. Her development both academically as well as personally has been outstanding, and we can’t thank the staff at HoK enough for the professional and heartly investment they put into their work. Charlotte Friss Lodahl


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