Tuition & Fees

Nursery class (Annually) – 150, 310 RMB
English Pre-K (Annually) – 180, 130  RMB
German Pre-K (Annually) – 190, 590  RMB
KG (Annually) – 185, 790 RMB
Application fee – 2000 RMB (Non-refundable)
Deposit – 15,000 RMB (Refundable)
Meal fee (Annually) – 9, 200 RMB
School Bus Fee (Annually) – 10,800 RMB or above
If a student enrolls the school during the middle of the semester, the payment would be calculated based upon the expecting enrollment date.

Payment Terms

Tuition covers most in-class activities and materials. Services such as meals, bus transportation, and after-school activities will be procured for an additional fee.

The new student fee is a one-time, non-interest-bearing charge for each child enrolling at House of Knowledge.

The deposit is a one-time, non-interest-bearing security deposit, to be paid during enrollment, and will be held by the school for the duration of the student’s time at House of Knowledge. When a student is withdrawn from House of Knowledge, the deposit will be returned after deductions for any amounts owed to the school, in accordance with the policies listed in the “tuition and fees” form.

Fees can be paid per term or annually.

Method of Payment

Payment can be made via bank transfer in RMB only.


Annual Payment Discount

A 5% discount is available on annual tuition fees (excluding other fees) if the full 2018/2019 payment is received by the due date.

Embassy & Corporate Discount

Please contact us to see if your embassy or company are eligible for a corporate rate.

Sibling Discount

Parents enrolling more than one child at the same time are eligible for a sibling discount (on tuition fees only) in the amounts indicated below.

First Child

Second Child Third Child or More
Standard rates apply 10%