Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about how to apply


How can I get more information about the school?
We have many options for you to visit our school and get to know us personally through; school tours, open houses, and events. We are also happy to hear from you with any questions or concerns you may have by calling us 400 650 7747 or emailing us at
When can I visit the school for a tour?
Each week we have specified days and times for our school tours and dedicated dates throughout the year for our open houses.  As our tours and open houses have limited spaces,  it is essential you book a spot as early as possible, so not to avoid disappointment.
What are the class sizes?
What are the class sizes? HoK has some of the best ratios and class sizes in the city, and we make every attempt not to exceed these sizes. However, in exceptional cases such as sibling’s placement we have to add one extra child.

We aim to limit our numbers to:

  • Nursery: 16 students
  • Pre-K & Kindergarten: 20 students
How will I know what grade my child will be placed in?
Placement is based on the child’s date-of-birth, preferred language focus, and the availability of a suitable place. In the case of Elementary school, an assessment of the child’s academic level at the time of application is also required.

Grades and Ages by placement:

Nursery: 18months – 3 years old before August 31st

Pre-Kindergarten: 3 – 5 years old before August 31st

Kindergarten: 5 – 6 years old before August 31st

If my child does not speak English can I still apply?

Students wanting to enter our early years program , may join with no english skills. Students entering our KG program (child age: 5-6 year old), needs to be assessed and meet our language requirements.

What languages are taught at HoK?

We provide a language immersive learning environment for children to learn English and Chinese simultaneously. We offer German language program to students to learn a third-language as well. For a long-term planning, we aim to add more language options to our students in our extended education program.

Does HoK offer support for children with special learning needs?
HoK has limited resources to support children with significant social, physical or learning disorders. Therefore, any decision made to admit or to re-enrol a child with special needs shall be made on an individual basis. Failure to completely disclose special needs and intervention documentation may result in the reversal of any admission offer made.


How does the Application Process work?
Once you have submitted an application, and submitted all items on the admissions checklist, our admissions department will be in touch to help you through the remainder of the admission process.  Our admissions department reviews applications only after all of the required documents and payments have been received and interview’s, were required have been conducted.  Students are only offered placement if they have met all the admissions requirements and a place is available.
Does a child for admission to HoK need medical examinations?

As an official school, registered with the local Beijing authorities,  all students enrolling at HoK are required to have a school health check and complete a school health form (completed no more than 3 months prior to the child’s first day of school) at one of the designated hospitals.

  • Beijing United Friendly Hospital
  • Sanlitun Community Service Hospital 
When does an interview happen? What do I need to prepare?

Once all the necessary documents and fees have been completed and submitted, our admissions department will arrange an interview with the potential student. Those applying during the school year are admitted on a rolling basis, and dependent on space is available.

We understand that it can be tough for your child to undergo any assessment. Please know that we have carefully considered and designed our admissions process at HoK to be as smooth and fair as possible to each candidate. We also consider the fit of the family with regards to our educational philosophy as part of our decision, so please try to be patient and take the time to understand our mission, vision, and process.

  • Interview for Nursery and Pre-K students:

We are committed to considering each applicant very carefully, and we endeavor to make sure your child is comfortable during the process. We look to evaluate a child’s academic readiness, developmental readiness and fit within our classrooms by talking with both the parents and the child. While we do not expect young applicants to be fluent in English, we do consider an understanding of the English language by both the child and the parent to be an advantage. Our admissions team and our Principal work together to get to know you and your child through the interview time and admissions process, by observing the child’s interactions with both the interviewer as well as the parents.

  • Interview for KG program students:

During the admissions interview for children aged 5-6, we look at each applicant holistically. We are looking to understand the child’s academic and extracurricular interests. Before the meeting, we review the child’s history through the transcripts, recommendations, and previous academic test results were applicable. We will first speak with the child individually, and then invite the parents to join and speak altogether. If the parents do not speak English, they will need to bring an interpreter with them to the interview.

Is there a Probationary Period?
Any initial placement is tentative and the school may either advise a change of program or language focus after the student’s abilities have been assessed or, in certain circumstances, withdraw the placement. After acceptance or re-enrollment into the school, all students are conditionally enrolled for a period of sixty school days. In such circumstances, if, during the probationary period, information relevant to admissions was withheld, inaccurate or falsified, HoK reserves the right to withdraw the student from school without refunding any fees.
What happens if there is no place available?
If there are no places available when applying to programs that are currently full, HoK makes available the option to be placed on our confidential waiting list. Students may be included on our waiting list only after a full deposit has been received.
Can I use the HoK SME Scholarship at any school?
No. As our scholarship is privately funded, rather than a state or company-supported program, and resources are limited, the HoK SME Scholarships only apply to our Kindergarten and Elementary programs.
Is the scholarship a 100% tuition scholarship?
No. The purpose of the SME scholarships is to reduce the cost of Kindergarten or Elementary tuition and to make world-class education accessible for children from parents working in an entrepreneurial or small business environment. The SME scholarship will cover up to 60% of annual tuition fee.
Does the scholarship help pay for after school activities (ASA)?
No. HoK SME Scholarships are only applicable to tuition fees.
How does the application process for the SME Scholarship work?
Qualifying families should download an application form and send it to the admissions department.

Please note that to maintain our high academic standards, all children from applying families still have to pass the House of Knowledge entrance assessment.

When is the application deadline?
We will accept scholarship applications until we have exhausted our scholarship funding and filled all available student spaces. For this reason, you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible and are welcome to call if you are concerned to check if scholarships have been granted or not.
When will I know if my child got a scholarship?
The Admissions Director will inform you of any scholarship awarded, generally within two to four weeks of receiving your completed application.

For more information about HoK and if we are the right fit for your family, please contact our Admission’s department.

Payment & Finance

Is the application fee, new student fee and tuition fee refundable?
An application fee is an administrative fee that must be paid to initiate the application review and admission process. The application fee is non-refundable. The new student fee is a non-refundable and non-transferable fee of 16,000rmb that covers the cost of the orientation process, new student materials and auxiliary associated with the expenses of matriculation of new students. With regards to the tuition fee, the amounts of compensation for early termination required by HoK may vary, please refer to the latest withdrawals and refunds schedule.
How do I pay for the application fee?
Parents can either pay by bank transfer in RMB or pay cash directly to the campus manager.If paying by bank transfer, for easy identification and to process your application without delay, please write your child’s name on the bank transfer reference and provide us with a copy of your payment to

If paying by bank transfer, for easy identification and to process your application without delay, please write your child’s name on the bank transfer reference and provide us with a copy of your payment to

Bank and Payment information are available on your invoice.

HoK Life

What are the school hours?

Early years students attend school Monday through to Friday, from 8:00am – 3:30pm

Is there an after-school program?

Yes, we offer a variety of after school activities throughout the year.

Can I change class?

Switching between language programs, age groups, or other considerations you may have are only possible at the beginning of each school year. However, exceptions may be made only at the discretion of the Campus Principal.

Am I able to take vacations outside of the school holidays?
Regular school attendance is mandatory. Frequent absences prevent a child from fulfilling academic expectations and being advanced to a higher year level. Any student who does not complete a full school year, may not be able to advance the following year to the next grade.
Is there a school bus service?
HoK provides a morning and after-school bus service that serves students of all grade levels. Please speak directly to the admissions department for more information about our bus routes. Please note, the transportation fee is not included in the tuition fee.
Does my child require health insurance?
We require all children enrolled at HoK to be covered by personal health insurance. HoK does not provide medical coverage for students when accidents occur during school-related activities.
Do you provide school meals?
HoK offers all students snacks and hot lunches daily, made in-house using high-quality ingredients. Lunch is optional and is not included in the tuition fee.

Please visit our school meals page for more information.

Do you monitor the air quality?
HoK endeavors to provide a healthy and safe environment for all our students. The campus manager checks the Air Quality Index (US Embassy) on a regular basis throughout the day. If the air is deemed unhealthy in accordance with our air pollution policy and depending on age range, then they will notify the teachers and ask that all outdoor activities be modified.  Inside the school monitor the air quality, use air filtration units and insulate windows and doors.

Outside Activites Policy

  • AQI 200+: All ages / Cannot go outside
  • AQI 150-200: Under 2yr / Cannot go outside.  2yr-4yr / 20 minutes. 4yr & over / 30 minutes
  • AQI 100-150: Under 2yr / 30 minutes. 2yr & over / unlimited
  • AQI 0-100: All ages / unlimited

Chinese Government Pollution Alert Levels

  • Yellow Alarm: AQI 200+ (heavy pollution). One day of continuous heavy pollution must reduce outdoor activities.
  • Orange Alarm: AQI 300+ (severe pollution). One day of continuous severe pollution, no outdoor activities for Kindergarten and Elementary
  • Red Alarm:  Three days of either heavy or severe pollution no outdoor actives for all age ranges.
Does HoK have a parent council?
Yes. The parent council meet on a regular basis and also have monthly meetings and coffee with the principle. We value the input from parents and strongly believe education requires not just involvement from school but the involvement from home too.
Still need help?
Email us or give us a call on 400 650 7747