What are our children at House of Knowledge been doing lately? In this most wonderful season, we have been enjoying so much joy and fun not only from all kinds of class activities and events, but also from the field trips which we value as important classrooms for children to gain different knowledge and experience.

Today, we would like to share some highlights and exciting moments with you together.   

Feel the harvest

Autumn is harvesting season. In fall, many food items such as potatoes, corn, peanuts, and pumpkins have been harvested after their growth and cultivation and are popular on the food menus in China.

The link between nature and education is strong at House of Knowledge.

In order to help children get a better understanding and idea of food items in autumn, our teachers have prepared numerous dedicated and interesting activities to allow the children to use their senses to feel, explore, manipulate, and practice all their kinds of skills such as cognitive, language development, social and cooperation, math, geometry, and art. 

Feel the beauty of nature  

Inside the campus, the children turned the autumn into a sea of autumn wonderland with leaves and flowers. Outside the campus, the field trip brings us a bigger classroom!

Our different age groups children (Nursery, Pre-K, and KG level) all had very exciting field trips. They enjoyed observing the leaves on trees, feeling the textures of different leaves and tree branches, as well as feeling the charm of the autumn breeze and nature.

The outdoor explorations would never end and we look forward to the next field trip very soon!

Use lots of open materials

House of Knowledge values a lot on enabling the children to use as many natural and open materials as possible through any of their learning journeys.

Lately, since the project theme is about “autumn”, the children ignited their imagination and made all various kinds of tress / leaves related artwork via using open materials such as tree branches and leaves.

In the “pumpkin carving” activity, the children ignited all their imagination and made their very own pumpkin with very fuuny or sppoky faces under the help of their parents. Look at below pumpkins – each one is so unique, and which one is yours? 🙂

Halloween Celebration

On the last day of October, an exciting Halloween party full of fun, surprises, and laughter was held at House of Knowledge.

Getting dressed up, decorating Halloween cookies, exploring spooky creatures, and…collecting lots of treats from adults! The children needed to say “trick or treat” and also say “thank you” after getting the treats, which was also a very good chance for children to practice their meanner when communicating with people, while also getting to learn the western culture of Halloween immersively.

Ending Wishes

In this beautiful season of autumn, House of Knowledge continues to deliver an education provision and schooling experience that encapsulates creative thinking, global mindset, social and cooperation to enable our children to experience more and more while gaining lots of joy.

We look forward to sharing more campus updates with you soon!



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