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Grab a valuable chance to meet Mr. Farshad Danicek, our school founder of House of Knowledge as well as language expert in Early Years for over 30 year. Gain lots of practical and beneficial advice to better support your child’s holistic development.

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Guest Speaker

Founder Mr. Farshad Danicek

Mr. Farshad Danicek, Reggio Emilia education expert. M.Ed., Co-Founder and Head of Program Development, House of Knowledge.

Farshad has been working in the Early Years Education industry for over 30 years. During the past 18 years, Farshad has adapted the Reggio Emilia educational approach to coincide with Chinese learning styles, to help children learn the best of the east and the west.

Parents Workshop: Language Learning

October 19th (Thursday), 6pm-7:30pm

Among Beijing’s communities and families, House of Knowledge has been well known for its premium trilingual education program for past decades. Here, children learn naturally to communicate in Chinese, English, and German.


What makes our language programs so distinguished and outstanding? How do children learn multi-languages at HoK? What are the do’s and don’ts for a parent to support a child’s language acquisition?


In this Workshop, Farshad will share useful tips on how parents can support their children in learning several languages whilst having lots of fun. You will discuss examples and cases that help you understand how children gain a new language skill step by step. You will also hear practical advice how you can create a conducive language learning environment at home.


Date/Time: October 19th (Thursday), 6pm-7:30pm

Language: English (with Chinese translation)

Participants: For parents only (whose children are aged 0-6 years)

Cost: Free

Workshop: Reggio Emilia (Part1 and Part2)

At HoK, all teaching activities are under the pedagogy of Reggio Emilia. How do we apply this philosophy in daily teaching and what is Reggio all about? Sign up for this series and get to know Reggio theoretically and practically with hands-on activities!  

This workshop series is split in 2 parts; part 1 focuses on having a theoretical and full understanding of Reggio Emilia while part 2 focuses on the practice. 

You need to participate Part 1 first before moving to Part 2. 

Part 1: Seminar (October 26th)  

In this seminar part, you will get a full understanding of Reggio Emilia and how it inspires and helps with a child’s holistic growth.

You will also get to understand how a Reggio child can stand out among many other children in terms of their hands-on capabilities, design thinking, creativity, global mindset, and many different developmental areas.

Date/Time:  October 26th (Thursday), 6pm-7:30pm

Language: English (with Chinese translation)

Participants: For parents only (whose children are aged 0-6 years)

Part 2: “Lights and Shadows” project unit workshop (November 11th) 

After participating above Part 1, the theoretical part, in this session, you will explore the PRACTICAL ASPECT of Reggio by joining a  project unit under the theme of “Lights and Shadows”. 

This is a real Reggio setting with lots of inspiring activities. 

We will ask you to imagine you are a child at HoK, and explore this project together, which will help you understand how Reggio is applied practically in our classrooms.

Grab this valuable chance and experience a real and practical Reggio inspired learning environment with us!

Date/Time: November 11th, Saturday, 9:30am-11:30am

Language: English (with Chinese translation)

Participants: For parents only (whose children are aged 0-6 years)

Cost: 200 rmb (Money will be donated to a charity, let’s help those who are in need together.)

(* Capacity limit: Only 16 parents can take part in this session.)

Parents Workshop: Boundaries

November 2nd (Thursday), 6pm-7:30pm

“What should I do when my child is not listening to me?” For Early Years parents, this may be a very common and typical question that you may ask and wonder what the answer would be.

We all know setting boundaries is important for children, but how do we find the right balance between rules and freedom? Why it is so important to set boundaries and how to set rules effectively for your child(ren) in everyday use?


In this Workshop, Farshad will show and explain what boundaries and rules mean to children, how this can help support a child’s well-being and healthy development, as well as how children learn responsibilities through rules.


Language: English (with Chinese translation)

Participants: For parents only (whose children are aged 0-6 years)

Cost: Free

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