Since the start of our spring semester, House of Knowledge has held many fun and meaningful activities and events these past months for our students to enjoy and celebrate.

We are excited to have our Spring Events Highlights Series starting this week and today, we would like to take you to review some of our Reading Week highlights!

Reading Week has been a traditional annual event at House of Knowledge. This year was very successful. We had a week-long celebration of literature, poems, and story-telling time. We had different themes and were very excited to invite our parents and family to join us.

As a premium trilingual kindergarten for 16 years, House of Knowledge offers multi-language learning programs (English/Chinese/German) for our families.

In the Reading Week, we encouraged our children to further practice their language skills – for example, some stories in Chinese matched the one in English or German, and this way the children were able to bridge the different languages and help themselves intuitively understand things in one that they might not have otherwise.

During the 5-day Reading Week, we also had different themes for each of the day. For example, on our “World Book Day”, children came to school and dressed as their favourite book character. They brought the book that inspired the look and excitedly shared the stories behind the costumes with their teachers and peers. This met our children’s daily language learning needs, social needs, as well as their emotional needs.

Pictures: Children dress up and share their favourite book character

Pictures: Older age group children read to younger ones

Parents are an important part of House of Knowledge community. During our Reading week, we were very pleased to have invited our children’s parents and grandparents to come to campus to read books and tell stories to their children’s classes. This would help invoke the children to feel the magic and the power of reading.

Pictures: Children conducted various activities as an extension of the reading activity

How inspiring and creative this week had been!

As you can see, reading is always a very essential topic at House of Knowledge.

Although our children are all young ages, we hope to gradually form the idea of “keep learning”, which sets the foundation to becoming a life-long learner in the long term.

This is also what House of Knowledge cares for a lot – when guiding and accompanying children to grow up, we encourage our children to read, to see, to think, and hence to explore the wonderful world around them, with the eye to discover and to actively learn.

Reading can expand a child’s imagination on top of enhancing their literacy skills; it is a gift that will accompany children throughout their lifetime.

We believe through Reading Week and daily Kindergarten life, all our children have planted a little “seed” for a love of reading in their hearts.

We thank all parents who participated in our Reading Week activities, and let’s look forward to another amazing and successful Reading Week next year!

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Child age: 18 months – 6 years old

Language: English, Chinese, German



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