Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today, we would like to bring you a game that parents and children can play together at home, and we wish you all have a smooth, healthy, and good week ahead. The game we would like to introduce today is a mindfulness activity.


Mindfulness activities include focusing on emotions and the techniques for expressing feelings. Playing the dice game gives children the opportunity to turn their emotions into something proactive. An activity that they can use to express their feelings and normalize their emotions.

This can enable the children to use the dice and express their emotions in a healthy way. Let’s follow the teachers below as they complete a hands and crafts activity and make a special mindful dice. This dice can be used whenever the child feels happy, stressed, angry, or wants to express any other emotion or feeling.

Feel free to save the above picture for the mindful dice activity and print it out for your own use at home. You can also refer to below video.

Get the child-friendly scissors and glue ready and now let’s start the hands and craft activity!