Since their establishment 15 years ago, the ten Core Values of House of Knowledge International Kindergarten have been closely incorporated into students learning throughout their entire Kindergarten life.

With diverse backgrounds from different countries and cultures, students gather at House of Knowledge to learn to “Communicate”, to learn about “Empathy”, to actively “Communicate”, to practice “Design Thinking”, to ignite their “Entrepreneurship”…which are all parts of the school’s Core Values.

At House of Knowledge, our pedagogical concept is based on the Reggio Emilia inspired learning philosophy, and we apply the Core Values in daily teaching approaches to help students establish and form their very own understandings towards the world and how to get along with people, to solve problems, to take challenges, and to become a qualified global citizen.

Today, we would like to invite you to explore with us how we apply the Core Values in our Reggio inspired world at House of Knowledge.

We will take “Empathy” for example and show how it is incorporated in students learning journey on campus.

The KG Moon class had a Toy making project during the past few months. Inspired by turning old toys into new ones, by using recycled materials such as turning old clothing into toys or old socks into rabbit dolls, the students were inspired to design and make their own “new” toys in an environmentally-friendly way.

During the project, one student raised the question: do children in remote areas have enough toys and how can we help those children who are less fortunate?


Following this question, the class initiated discussions about what they can do to help, and they  decided to work on raising money for a charity called MCF (Migrant Children’s Foundation).

Some students made stuffed hearts which were hand sewn and they opened up a “MCF Art Exhibit” to sell their hand-made items. Some students came up with the idea that during Covid-19 situation, it’s imperative that foundations like MCF stock nonperishable food.


The class collaborated together and called for HoK community’s to donate nonperishable food and collect brand new toys for MCF children, to bring some happiness and joy into their lives.

Recently a surprise visitor came to visit HoK – Ms. Helen, the founder and director of MCF!

Ms. Helen came to collect the hand-made beaded bracelets, donated Legos and food, and toys that KG Moon class students raised and she sent a big ‘Thank You’ to all our students.

Our students were also excited to report that they have raised 375RMB in sales and they passed on that to Helen as well.


Later, Ms. Helen also came to show us some of the students whose lives were personally touched by our help and assistance. The children of MCF were treated to the gifts which were all made by our KG Moon class students and the MCF children were thrilled-one child chose a bracelet and told us that he was going to give it to his mom.

A toy making project goes far beyond the project itself. We are so proud of our students for coming up with all these ideas and showing a high level of compassion and empathy for others!


As you can see, at House of Knowledge, Project-based learning never ends with the unit project itself; it goes way far beyond: being empathetic, being kind, and much more.


Throughout everyday kindergarten life on campus, our students not only are able to learn knowledge, gain skills, but also, they establish core values and personalities, which enable them to become a better person and a global citizen.


In summary, we hope you find it beneficial to learn about how we apply the Core Values such as “Empathy” in a Reggio inspired world – students are immersed in an environment to fully initiate, understand and participate in meaningful tasks and activities which allow them to truly understand what is “Empathy” and what they can do for it.


We look forward to sharing with you more in the near future and we wish you a happy Summer holidays!

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