To mark the end of the 2018-2019 school year, House of Knowledge’s Chaoyang Park, Shunyi and Xinglong Campuses each hosted an annual water-themed Summer Party.

Chaoyang Park Campus

At our Chaoyang Park Campus, the day of the Summer Party was beautiful and sunny. Children were busy playing various water games and didn’t want to stop! They enjoyed playing with water balloons, bubbles, having water fights and more … Tie-dying T-shirts was the most popular activity among both students and parents. Everyone enjoyed making these unique and gorgeous T-shirts!

Shunyi CampusThe Summer Party in Shunyi Campus looked like a water world! The children wore their swimsuits and ran around the playground with water guns and water balloons. The 5-metre high giant inflatable castle was the children’s favorite play area. The younger children gathered around the little swimming pool and small fountain to feel the cool water. Everyone also loved watching clowns perform magic and fantastic bubble shows for the children, and the unicorn sprinklers were a big hit! Although the children were soaked, they kept playing and playing and playing…

Xinglong CampusThe first-ever Summer Party at Xinglong Campus also had a lot of water fun, especially the water guns! The most popular activity here was the ice-cream sundae bar. The children chose their favorite ice cream and toppings to eat and share with their parents. They also enjoyed throwing wet sponges at a lucky teacher, used chalk to create awesome designs and took cute photos with their families. Finally,  everyone got to test their luck with a spin on the Prize Wheel – what prize did you take home?

With our Summer Parties over, the 2018-2019 school year has been successfully completed! Thank you for supporting our House of Knowledge community! We wish you a relaxing and pleasant summer holiday! See you again in August!