On Wednesday, 12th April, House of Knowledge hosted an event centered around our English elementary curriculum, the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).  We were luckily enough to have Mr. Neil McRae fly in from Singapore to talk about how the IPC makes learning fun and how parents can support this.


The event was a bilingual event with our Chinese Elementary principle giving a through translation, for our Chinese speaking parents and guests.The event started with the speaker posing the question, “what will the world look like in 2028?” when a five-year-old student will be graduating from university.

It was agreed that the world will be very different and that the way a child learns and what they learn needs to change with the times. Mr. McRae discussed how discoveries in modern science and recent research in child development can help us to understand how a child best learns. There were also fun interactive activities to get parents and guests to think about how children learn, and how they can support their child’s learning at school and at home.

Stay tuned for our next event!