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At HoK, we are all learners for life.

Our teachers are hand-picked from all over the world based on their education, qualifications, experience, love of children and enthusiasm for learning.


House of Knowledge educators go through a rigorous application process and are appointed based on their professional qualification, experience and their demonstrated enthusiasm for teaching. Speaking only their native languages to the students, our educators bring their many years of experience as well as their culture into the classroom to create an inspiring multilingual environment. With some of the best teacher-student ratios in the city, and with a faculty comprised of approximately 50% locals and 50% foreign professionals, each House of Knowledge student is immersed into an international program. Because we believe so strongly in life-long learning, we also provide continued professional development for faculty through seminars, workshops, in-house training, and frequent reviews.

Chinese & Foreign Teachers at HoK





Where do our foreign teachers come from?

  • USA 67% 67%
  • UK 9% 9%
  • Germany 14% 14%
  • Canada 5% 5%
  • New Zealand 5% 5%

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A Day In the Life of Our Nursery Class!

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