The summer break has come to an end and the new 2021-2022 school year has begun at House of Knowledge International Kindergarten this week! From the smiling faces and ringing laughter of the students, we could tell everyone was really excited and thrilled for the first day of their school! Below are some highlights of what our children did on their first day- the students were curious and interested to get familiar with the new environment, meeting their old and new friends, and exploring around their classrooms, campus facilities, with their classmates and teachers! After exploring the different parts of the classroom and the campus, we discovered the different learning areas such as construction, art, sensory, body exercises, and we have been interacting with another and learning about one another in the process. It was great to see that the children are adjusting well to the new environment. As the new academic year starts, some classes have started to name their own class! It was a big decision for the children to make, for example in our Pre-K English class, after going over the three options-the butterflies, banana, and sun, the class has come to a final decision with the “Butterflies”. The children were excited to name their own class and they decided to make butterflies to celebrate the new class name to officially start their new academic year! The weather was beautiful for our outing and the body activities today. We revamped our playground and added a lot of equipment which the children really enjoyed such as our swing set. It was great to interact and get to talk with many new friends while having lots of fun together! Happy new semester! We are truly happy to welcome all students back and welcome new students join our
House of Knowledge community. The new learning journey starts and the new chapter has begun-we look forward to a very amazing school year ahead!

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