As parents, we always want to give our children the most love. How to love children? The answer may vary a lot, but when it comes to this, we believe all parents would agree: to enable our children to receive good education which will benefit them for their entire life.

Over the past 15 years, House of Knowledge has offered premium international Early Years education to more than one thousand children both locally and from around the world.

Education today is not solely about memorizing facts and figures; but about developing knowledge and skills, as well as personalities and global mindsets to equip the children to succeed in the 21st century.

House of Knowledge is committed to developing our children both academically and holistically, to help them build the cornerstones for their Early Years childhood personal experiences.

As a premium international Kindergarten, how we immerse and combine the best of eastern and western cultures into children’s daily Kindergarten life? Today, we would like to take the events and activities that we held in this September as examples, to illustrate you.

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 

One of the riches of a Reggio Emilia inspired education approach at House of Knowledge is the care and universal respect shown to people from different backgrounds and countries, and House of Knowledge takes pride in celebrating different eastern and western holidays to enable our children to learn more about self and each other’s cultures as they grow up.

As the new school term starts on September 1st, this year, what better way to start off a brand-new semester then by celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival together as a big HoK community. We took this opportunity to appreciate the joy and harvest that this festival brings to us.

Our children enjoyed themselves a lot learning about the moon and its relevant vocabularies, as well as taking part in fun class activities such as making mooncakes, osmanthus honey, and rabbit lanterns.

Besides that, the children also enjoyed listening to the stories such as “Hou Yi” and “Chang E”, as well as reading some beautiful poems. This was a very interesting and engaging experience for the children to learn about the culture and its traditions via participating all kinds of class activities with teachers and classmates.

As you can see, global mindset is one of our Core Values. We aim to create an environment where children from different countries and cultures can learn from, and about each other, hence expanding their minds and insights about the world around them.

Living in Beijing, Chinese culture is an important part of our students’ daily lives. At House of Knowledge, we were excited to share a wonderful selection of traditional cultural activities and events such as the Mid-Autumn festival that we just celebrated this month.

Oktoberfest & Welcome Back BBQ Party

As a tilingual school (English/Chinese/German) which offers immersed cultures into students’ daily Kindergartens life, House of Knowledge holds a tradition of celebrating the Oktoberfest every year.

This is a typical German-style back to school party and we take this opportunity to share and enjoy some traditional German culture with our students from Germany and everywhere else at House of Knowledge.

On top of that, it is a great chance for all of the children, parents, and teachers to reconnect after the summer break and to get all ready for the new school term.

The party was abundant in German elements such as the children and families enjoying German sausages, German cookies, and the students loved the fun activities, face painting and exploring play doh. Parents of the HoK community brought and shared delicious food, some of them were home-made, while HoK also prepared hot dogs, sausages, fruits, juice, coffee, and snacks for all the families.

What an exciting moment when the entire HoK community reunions together! We are so happy to have invited all children’s parents come on campus and to celebrate the start of a new school year together.


In summary, we hope you find it beneficial to learn about how we immerse multi-cultural learning and combine the best of eastern and western cultures in students’ daily Kindergarten life, taking the events and activities we held for example in this September.

House of Knowledge continues to deliver an education provision and schooling experience that encapsulates global mindset, cultural awareness, and all our other core values to enable our students to be able to know more about this fascinating world around them, and also to enjoy the joy and happiness that the different cultures bring to us.

We look forward to an amazing month of October and wish you a happy Golden Week holiday ahead!

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