At House of Knowledge, Nursery and toddlers group is a very important part of the House of Knowledge community. As one of the most representative Reggio Emilia inspired kindergartens, House of Knowledge shows how our Nursery children get ready to spend an exciting day exploring and learning at school. Today, we would like to show you a day in the life of our Nursery students!  


Arrival and Breakfast

In the morning, all children are ready to spend the day exploring new things and they come to school happy and curious to find out what fun there is for the day! After settling down in the classroom, it’s firstly the breakfast time. House of Knowledge is continuously devoted to providing high quality, healthy and organic food for the students; throughout the process of ordering produce, food preparation, cooking and serving, we ensure each step meets the highest possible level of food safety standards and results in our students eating healthily.                                                               House of Knowledge Breakfast Sample

We encourage children to try eating different kinds of food to have a balanced and complete diet. Also, we teach children to develop independency – the students not only learn to hold cutlery/spoons/forks and try to eat by themselves, but also, they get used to daily routines more and more, such as washing hands before eating, learning to keep hygiene, and learning to clean up.

Circle Time

Students start their learning activity by doing a morning circle. It can be singing or dancing to the relevant activity theme, it can be the students listening to teachers reading them a story, and it can also be the students doing some exercises and stretches to start their day. Circle Time is a great time for the students to start interacting with each other!

Learning Activities

Being a Reggio Emilia-inspired school, House of Knowledge believes children have an intuitive need to discover the world around them using all of their senses, “grasping” the environment around them in the true sense of the world. We firmly believe that children know exactly what they must do to acquire knowledge and skills, as we consider it a natural human need.

In today’s Morning Circle, the Nursery students participated in “Emotions” unit. The children have talked about the different emotions that they know and they acted them out and sang songs. Learning the “Emotions” unit would help students learn to describe what they are feeling and how they are thinking, and hence to help students better develop their self-expression, communication, and social emotional skills.

Sports Time

At House of Knowledge, we value students’ physical health and development a lot. We monitor the air quality all the time, and as long as the weather permits, we encourage students to get out to the playground and do all kinds of sports and activities. Today, the students enjoyed a nice outdoor time, including riding bicycles, playing in the sand as a group, climbing and crawling around on the playground equipment.

Lunch & Nap Time

It’s noon time! At lunch, the students are encouraged to try all different kinds of food, and they can pick the ones they like to eat more. They independently wash their hands before eating, take their own plates and cutlery, and sit down in their chair.

When the children are finished, they clean up their plates by themselves. Then, they wash their hands and their faces. Afterwards, the children brush their teeth and go to the bathroom. Then, the teachers help the children change their clothes and get settled down for nap time. We play some nice calming music to create a relaxed atmosphere.                                                                       House  of Knowledge Lunch Sample


Gym/Library Time

The students had a great time doing some sports activities in the gym as well as some quality reading time in the library! The children asked their Chinese Co-teacher Charis to read them picture books and then they acted out the songs and repeated some vocabulary that they have learnt and memorized.

Learning Activities

In today’s afternoon Learning Activities Time, the students had fun doing related activities in the sensory area, the art area and the reading area by exploring the theme unit of “spring” recently. The children looked at the butterfly book, exploring the stages of the caterpillar to butterfly life, and learning about the different kinds of caterpillars and butterflies spices. We also used eye droppers to add water onto the rolled up caterpillar and watch it squirm and move around and grow. It was so much fun!

Dismissal Time

After doing an afternoon circle where the students sing “goodbye” songs and wrap up what they did and what they have learned throughout the day, the children start to clean up, pack and get ready to go home at 3:30PM.

What a fun and amazing time the Nursery students have at House of Knowledge every day! In here, the school is not only a place for children to gain academic learning, but also, it’s a community built to help fulfill children’s social and emotional needs at their own age, to develop children’s gross and fine motor skills so that students maintain good mental and physical health, as well as to develop children’s curiosities and interests and build the problem-solving skills, which all co-exists and helps children learn better when they grow up.

The fascinating and fun school life of our students is continuing here at House of Knowledge, and we look forward to sharing with you more in near future!