It’s been almost two weeks since we returned from the Christmas holiday and started preparing for the Chinese Lunar New Year. What fun and exciting projects and activities have our students been doing? Let’s take a look!

German class

Our project theme has been “Frozen World”, we chose this topic because the students love to sing the songs from the movie. We did various activities such as reading snow-themed books and stories, doing role-play of the “Frozen World” and using sticks and paintbrushes to paint the snowman. Furthermore, we built crystal walls by stacking blue painted paper rolls as high as we could! 
KG class
Our KG students have been practicing the listening and writing skills in pairs this week.The students need to pay special attention to the sizing of the words and how they fit between the lines; this practises students’ fine motor skills. Working in pairs also enables the students to help each other if needed and develop teamwork and communication skills. 
This week, KG class is also very interested in soccer. The students have begun doing more training and practicing such as kicking and passing the soccer ball, learning about rules, and aiming for accuracy into the goal. 
Pre-K Koala 
Pre-K Koala students made yummy cupcakes this week! The students got to learn the vocabulary by identifying food items such as eggs, milk, butter, sugar, and the utensils such as forks and spoons. The students could use their senses to touch, smell and taste the ingredients and followed the steps with the teacher. They excitedly observed how the cupcakes would change and bake in the oven.Alongside this enjoyable hands-on activity, the students continued learning about the letters and made them out of corks to display in the classroom; this will help them recognize the letters in environmental print and escalate the learning progress.

Pre-K Apple
As the Chinese New Year is approaching, Pre-K Apple class has been practicing writing the Chinese character “Fu” and discussed where they can see this character in their homes. The children had an exciting day exploring and emerging into Chinese culture. They created a Chinese culture area in the classroom ready for the Chinese New Year, including puppets, toys, costumes, accessories, instruments, loose parts, books, and more!The students read a story about the origin of the 12 zodiac year animals. They had fun taking turns choosing a zodiac animal and placing it on the correct card. After they put it on the card, they would say the animal’s name and read the year number. The students especially loved making the animal sounds and actions!

We Wish You A Happy Weekend Ahead!