Last Friday, an exciting Halloween party full of surprises, fun, and laughter was held at House of Knowledge! Halloween, one of the most traditional holidays celebrated by western countries, is very poopular among children. At House of Knowledge where children come from different countries around the world, we celebrate the cultures combining the best of east and west. On the Halloween Day, our children dressed up their favorite costumes, and when they saw each other with special appearances, everyone got so excited!

The day started with the “Spaghetti Surprise”. At Halloween, spiders and bugs are typical Halloween symbols. In the “Spaghetti Surprise” activity, our children had lots of fun digging through the worms to find and catch the toy spiders, toy bugs, and other creepy crawlies!

How can a Halloween party be without a pumpkin? We had a pumpkin carving competition. The children decorated their own pumpkins, using glue, pens, leaves, and drew fun faces to the pumpkins. In the end, the children voted for “Best Pumpkin of the Year”.  Yancy from our KG class got the most votes from all the peers. Congratulations Yancy for winning “the Best Pumpkin of the Year”!

The happy and lively Halloween party came to an end with children lined up at Principal’s office and Laura and Cassie prepared candies and other treats for children , so they could experience the Western culture of trick or treat . What a fun and festive Halloween Day and we hope our children all have gained many joyful moments and unforgettable memories!