Communication between parents and schools has always been an important part of education and is something that we value with our own HoK parents. Once children are enrolled, parents are encouraged to communicate and cooperate throughout the year in order to best support the students’ development. That is why House of Knowledge establishes a Parent Volunteer Association (PVA) every year, at every campus, in order to come together and discuss the important issues related to school construction and the students’ development.

The first PVA meeting was recently held at Xinglong Campus. During the meeting, PVA members elected a chairperson and drafted an agenda of the most important topics to be discussed throughout the year. The most delightful news was that parents were not only eager to contribute to the further development of the school, but also to consider less fortunate children and how the HoK community can provide quality resources to support them. This is not only representative of the HoK community spirit but is also a way to provide HoK students a broader perspective on the importance of mutual assistance, communication, and cooperation.

We look forward to having more good news to share with you soon! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful autumn sunshine!