The past two months have been relaxed and peaceful; we hope everyone’s summer break was full of fun. The past week, has been especially joyful and exciting! From the smiling faces and ringing laughter of the students, we could tell everyone was excited for the first day of school. Let’s see how the school year has been so far!

The most excited children must have been our Grade 1 students. It is a House of Knowledge tradition to hold a solemn entrance ceremony for the students called Schultüte. Schultüte means “school cone” in German, and its ceremony is a German tradition which dates back to the 17th century. The Schultüte itself is a large cone-shaped cornucopia made of paper, cardboard, or plastic. Einschulung, the first day of school, is considered a rite of passage for a child, the start of one’s academic life, and is celebrated by presenting the child with gifts and taking photos. When children in Germany set off for their first day of school upon entering first grade, their parents and/or grandparents present them with this cone thoughtfully decorated and filled with school supplies and various other special treats. Here at House of Knowledge, we uphold this German tradition to make the first day of elementary school extra sweet for our students!

For our early years students, a smooth transition is the top priority. This year at House of Knowledge, we have not seen as much separation anxiety as in the past, and in fact, the integration has been unusually smooth! This process was helped by the work of our teachers, who came in 2 weeks early to prepare the classroom layout, set the schedule, and provide their students with a relaxing but attractive environment to help them through the transition period.

As a new school year begins, our principals would like to share a message to all HoK students:

Russell O’Neill
Principal of Shunyi Campus
HoK Shunyi Campus enjoyed a very positive start to the school year as the students, accompanied by their parents, eagerly returned for the first week back. It was clear from the smiles beaming from the children that they had missed their friends and the excitement of school. It was extremely reassuring to know that the new year would start well, as the teachers had worked hard during the previous 2 weeks to ensure that they were fully prepared for the new year. It was also pleasing to see that parents at HoK were so engaged and connected with the learning programs at the school and had a good understanding of the school’s beliefs and values.

I am very keen to meet parents and family members and become part of the wonderful HoK community!

Giulietta Welman
Principal of Chaoyang Park Campus

May this academic year bring you much joy, laughter, and a love for learning. Always trust that you are capable and that your ideas are worthwhile.

Your words and actions are powerful, so keep making your contributions in school and at home. Remember, you are resilient and can learn from your mistakes. We are all happy to be here to guide you in your learning journey, towards becoming the best version of who you are. Believe in your abilities and make a difference!

Anna Williams
Principal of Xinglong Campus

‘Everyone who remembers their education, remembers their teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the educational system.’

– Sidney Hook

Xinglong Campus is very lucky to have 30 new students and families arrive this week to join our HoK family. Everyone seems eager to learn and ready to start their first project, ‘This is Me!’ Our children have been busy making new friends, playing with each other, singing and getting back into the school routine. A wonderful start to the year.