At House of Knowledge, we do things a bit differently for teacher appreciation! While China celebrates Teachers’ Day on September 10th, we celebrate our teachers for an entire week in June, right before the summer holiday. On the one hand, we hope that children can develop a relationship with their teachers and learn to say “thank you” in their own way; on the other, it is also a little bonus treat for our teachers after a whole year of hard work!

Students and their parents at all 3 campuses prepared many wonderful surprises for their teachers, including yummy treats baked with love, creative crafts and art, portraits of the teachers, and, of course, beautiful flowers and sweet chocolates…

Thank you to everyone for your continual support of all our staff at House of Knowledge! Your encouragement and cooperation are essential for the educational philosophy and core values of House of Knowledge to be realized and allow your children to take their first steps down the path of lifelong learning.