As a provider of quality international education, House of Knowledge is committed to nurturing our students, not only from an academic viewpoint, but also to equip them with the social and emotional tools needed to succeed in the future. Our pedagogical approach is embedded in every aspect of the school life, including the House of Knowledge core values. Global Mindset is one such core value. Integrating Chinese culture within our learning experiences is integral in fostering cultural awareness for all our students.

House of Knowledge was honored to welcome Mr. Wang Haihua, renowned painter and artist, curator of Beijing Baishi Painting Gallery, and special lecturer of the Palace Museum Calligraphy and Painting Training Center. Our Elementary students and their parents were treated to a presentation of <Appreciating the Palace Museum’s Collection of Chinese Paintings with Artist Wang Haihua> at Shunyi Campus.

In the students’ art workshop, Mr. Wang began by discussing the materials used in Chinese Paintings, followed by exploring drawing methods, distinguishing features and painting experiences of ancient painters. He focused on 6 drawing methods of Chinese paintings to help students gain an appreciation for the art: rhythmic vitality, skeletal painting with brush, objectively, colors according to category, managing location, transfer and model paintings. Mr. Wang explained profound theories in simple language, keeping the students highly engaged with the subject. The students were also given an opportunity to ask Mr. Wang their own questions. They watched the 3D animation of <A thousand miles of rivers and mountains>, <Night revels of Han Xizai>, <Step revealed map> prepared by Mr. Wang. During the animation, Mr. Wang introduced the course of creation, the connotation to be expressed by the painter, the history and the main points of appreciation. The students’ art workshop ended with a viewing of <A thousand miles of rivers and mountains> by the Wang Ximeng of the Northern Song Dynasty. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event.

During the parents’ art workshop, Mr. Wang focused on aesthetic standard and education. He not only mentioned main points of appreciation, shared the paintings’ artistic conception and thoughts and profound implications, but also shared with the parents the comparisons between Chinese and foreign painters, the stories of famous painters and the guidance parents could offer to their children. The parents were enamoured with the 12 meter-long hand roll Chinese painting of <A thousand miles of rivers and mountains> which was painted a thousand years ago. It certainly deserves its place on the list of the ten most famous paintings handed down from generation to generation in China.

On behalf of everyone who was in attendance at the workshops, we would like to thank Mr. Wang once again for taking the time to come and share the beautiful world of Chinese painting with us. The students and parents of House of Knowledge have gained a new love and appreciation for the art form; Mr. Wang has truly opened the door to the art world for us all!