This academic year, we are very excited to introduce a new House system at HoK. The concept of a House system is to encourage and develop team work, healthy competition, community spirit and leadership qualities in all of our students. The system will also help to reaffirm our core values on which the foundations of House of Knowledge are based upon.

Students from Kindergarten and Elementary have been placed into one of four Houses:

  • Monkeys: Yellow
  • Chameleons: Green
  • Dolphins: Blue
  • Foxes: Red

‘Heads of Houses’ have been appointed to each House. Each Head of House is a member of the teaching staff and will be responsible for leading each House throughout the year.

The House ‘sorting ceremony’ took place during the assembly on Friday August 31st. Each student was assigned to one of the four Houses by a mysterious hat.  Each of the four Heads of House also announced which House they belonged to. The ceremony was great fun with lots of cheering and laughing heard throughout the GYM. The students and staff are very excited to begin the new system.

Houses will use a point system. Points are awarded when students demonstrate one or more of our core values: communication, cooperation, global mindset, inquiry, adaptability, entrepreneurship, design thinking, empathy, positive self-image, and resilience. Any teacher can award students house points throughout the week, and the totals will be announced at the assembly on Fridays. The Heads of House will be responsible for keeping track of the points awarded to the students within their House.

There will also be challenges throughout the year such as: an art exhibition, a dance-off, a fancy dress contest and our annual Sports Day in June. Houses will compete against each other to win points during each of the events.

The House which receives the highest number of points throughout the whole year will be announced before the summer break and the winning House will be awarded a trophy. We wish all four Houses the best of luck for the year ahead. Let the games begin!