As the educator and communicator of 21st Century Education, House of Knowledge offers workshop series to our parents and who interested in the educations to share the premium educational concepts and methods. It’s our honored  to invite Mr. Farshad Danicek, M.Ed., Co-Founder and Head of Program Development, House of Knowledge as the speaker for the workshops in this school year.

Reggio Emilia, the education philosophy that emphasizes the social development of a child, is facing growing interest in China. No skill is acquired in isolation, children learn best with and from each other, in groups and a supportive environment.

During the first 21st Century Education workshop, Farshad Danicek took parents into the world of Reggio Emilia. With examples from daily kindergarten life he explained how a pirate ship project helped children develop their social and cognitive skills as well as self-confidence. He explained how Reggio Emilia education is suited for the 21st century when people move around, cultures mix and technology spurs constant change. And parents were glad to take home some advice how they can support their children in their social and cognitive development. Most important: Encourage your child to try out things, let them find answers by themselves and don’t make them believe there is only one correct answer!