Elementary Education
6 years - 11 years

“The first step towards lifelong learning”

Today’s world is changing faster than ever. Tomorrow’s global citizens need the ability to learn continuously and to communicate across cultures. House of Knowledge provides students with the skills and values to succeed in life. From fluency in English and Chinese to creative problem-solving, a thorough understanding of world cultures and teamworking skills, our students grow step by step into well-rounded individuals who are ready to explore the world!

21st Century Curriculum

Adopted by over 1800 schools worldwide, the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), helps students develop both, awareness of their cultural heritage and an international mindset. The curriculum covers a substantial number of thematic units that tap into students’ interests and empower them to engage positively with the world around them. To ensure a seamless transition between Early and Elementary School, House of Knowledge introduces the IPC already at Kindergarten and continues to use it through all Elementary levels.  In this way, students work through a coherent and rigorous learning framework.

House of Knowledge has also been chosen as a candidate school for Westen Association of School and Colleges, WASC Accreditation, approved by the accrediting commission for schools and colleges, USA.

English Language Art Program (ELA)

Literacy is the foundation of a rigorous education, and our ELA program meets the U.S.A, “AERO Common Core Standards” that focuses on advanced thinking skills so that students will be college ready.

Numeracy & Math

Numeracy & Math: At House of Knowledge, we understand that it is vital to equip our students with a high level of numeracy and math. Therefore, we use the Chinese national curriculum for numeracy and math objectives in both the English and Chinese language. Mastering numeracy and math in these two languages allow for “bi-numerate” thinking.

Chinese Language Program

Our program includes Chinese-speaking, reading and writing skills using the Chinese national curriculum with a hands-on approach designed to give our students the necessary phonics, fluency, comprehension skills and cultural insight needed to become truly fluent in Mandarin.

German as Additional Language (GAL)

German as an additional language program is an opportunity for non-native German speakers to gain proficiency in another language.  Taught by a German native speaker, with this optional language program you can truly prepare your child for a multilingual environment.

Dinosaurs Project
People Telling Story Project

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