5 years - 11 years
5 years - 11 years

“The first step towards lifelong learning”

Today’s world is changing faster than ever. Tomorrow’s global citizens need the ability to learn continuously and to communicate across cultures. House of Knowledge provides students with the skills and values to succeed in life. From fluency in English and Chinese to creative problem-solving, a thorough understanding of world cultures and teamworking skills, our students grow step by step into well-rounded individuals who are ready to explore the world!

21st Century Curriculum

The House of Knowledge elementary school continues the real-life, hands-on learning approach that characterizes our Early Years program. Our core values are part of daily teaching. 21st century values are part of daily teaching. We want to guide students to academic excellence as well as develop responsible and adaptable global citizens. Our curriculum draws from proven teaching approaches from the Chinese and the Western world. Throughout their elementary school years at House of Knowledge, students develop the skills and confidence to bridge cultural differences as truly global citizens.

World Studies

Students learn about their community, the world, history and social development. Subjects like geography, history and science are integrated though challenging projects that always foster social learning too. In our World Studies, we employ the rigorous, project-based International Primary Curriculum, taught in 1,800 schools across the world.

English Language Art Program (ELA)

We are using the renowned Cambridge program to teach English and assess our students’ progress. Used by over 10,000 schools in 160 countries, it sets students on a path to international success. It provides teachers with clear learning goals for areas such as text analysis and composition, orthography and verbal expression.


We teach the same mathematical concepts in both English and Chinese. That helps students to fully grasp the ideas and to master the world of abstract concepts and numbers in both languages. Learning goals and standards follow the Chinese National Curriculum.

Chinese Language Art (CLA)

In Chinese language art, we follow the Chinese National Curriculum to give our students the necessary phonics, fluency, comprehension skills and cultural understanding needed to become truly fluent in Mandarin.

German as a Third Language

For students from 3rd grade onwards, House of Knowledge offers German as a third language in addition to English and Mandarin. The program not only gives students the foundations of German grammar and vocabulary but also familiarizes them with German culture and history.

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