In the lively spring season since the start of our spring semester, House of Knowledge has had many interesting and meaningful activities and events in the past months for students to enjoy and celebrate.

We are excited to have our Spring Events Highlights Series starting this week and today, we would like to take you to review some of our Reading Week highlights!

Reading Week has been a traditional annual event at House of Knowledge. This year was very successful. We had a week-long celebration of literature, poems, and story-telling time. We had different themes and we were very excited to invite our parents and family to join us. Some stories in Chinese matched the one in English or German, and this way the students were able to bridge the different languages and helping themselves intuitively understand things in one that they might not have otherwise.

During the Reading Week, the students also prepared their own books for our book market. Some students felt inspired to draw while others felt inspired to write their very own stories.

The KG class (ages 5-6) had a special class project. They had a book hospital set up in the library and other classes provided them with the books that need to be repaired or fixed. In this way, the students could learn about the importance of taking good care of books as well as how integral reading in the library is to their process. Taking on this special responsibility was great for the students.

Furthermore, there were also a variety of other activities to keep the children interested, ignited, and inspired, such as dressing up as their favorite book character, show and tell, crafts, singing and dancing, and much more.

It was also great to see our KG and PreK class students read to our youngest – the Nursery children very confidently.  We also welcomed guest reading parents to read in German, Chinese and English. It was an amazing opportunity for the students to listen and engage in another language, allowing the children to develop cultural awareness.


Reading is always a very importance topic at House of Knowledge. Reading can expand on children’s imagination on top of their literacy skills. It is a gift that will accompany children throughout their lifetime. We believe through Reading Week, all our students have planted a little “seed” for a love of reading in their hearts.