It has been a long holiday and the spring semester finally kicks off! It was such a joyful and exciting moment when we got to greet and welcome all students back on the first day of the school at the campus entrance. Let us look at what our students have been doing in their first week of school!

The students were so excited to be back at the school. They spent the time playing with classmates both indoors and outdoors and were sharing what they had been doing in the winter break. They settled in quickly with the classroom routines such as morning circles and each class has continued to inquire and explore the project learning of the themes they have been working on. They welcomed new friends who joined the class for the new semester; one student had his birthday on first day of the school and the class was happily celebrating together. All students had a great start of the new term, and we are truly happy to see students’ excitement about starting school!

As the new semester starts, we will continue to work hard together to create a caring and child-centered learning environment for all children to grow up, learn, and explore the world around them. We look forward to an amazing spring semester ahead!