The summer holiday is fast approaching, and parents are already starting to search for the perfect summer camp for their children. As an advocate for and practitioner of quality early childhood education, House of Knowledge always strives to provide children with opportunities to expand their imagination and creativity while incorporating art and culture. When we consider the rapid pace of global development and the tremendous impact learning about art and other cultures has on students, positive art education becomes very important. It can not only cultivate children’s artistic development and strengthen design thinking skills, but can also help students to express themselves, build self-confidence and broaden their horizons, in keeping with the educational philosophy at the heart of House of Knowledge.

Keeping all of that in mind, we have planned a summer camp on the themes of art and design. The camp will be divided into two week-long sessions. In the first week, we will dive into architectural treasures of both the East and the West, including the Great Wall, Angkor Wat, Mayan relics, the Terracotta Warriors, Casa Batlló and more. Children will learn a variety of architectural features, as well as consider the impact and historical context of these important works. In the second week, students will examine a variety of artistic creations from different periods in world history. Students will use their imaginations, engage in a multi-sensory way, and sharpen design thinking skills through jewelry design, painting, curation, sculpture, and other crafts.

Chapter One
Lecture 1: The Great Wall
Lecture 2: Angkor Wat
Lecture 3: Mayan Relics
Lecture 4: The Terracotta Warriors
Lecture 5: The Castle
Lecture 6: Casa Batlló

Chapter Two
Lecture 7: Zenith Painting
Lecture 8: Jewelry Design and Self-Portrait
Lecture 9: Clock
Lecture 10: Little Planner of Exhibition

The teaching team of this summer camp is composed of artists and architects from Goldsmith, University of London, and Bartlett School of Architecture, University of London, as well as other experts in children’s art education. One educator we are particularly proud to introduce is the artist Ms. Rose Wong (Hong Kong), who is also a scholar of children’s art education. She pays attention to emotions, to individuals, and to microcosms in her work. In recent years, she has been providing art education services to art galleries, international schools and other institutions, as well as serving as an academic consultant.

Come and join the ‘Little Artists’ Tour! Sign up quickly, as seats are limited.

June 24th to July 5th, 9:30am – 3:00pm
3–6 years old
Fees: RMB 3,000 for one week; RMB5500 for two weeks
Xinglong Campus: Block A, Unit 8, Xinglongzhuang, Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

RSVP: or 400 650 7747

Lead Teacher:Rose Wong
Artist, Museum Education Specialist. Master of Arts in Comparative Literature, University of Hong Kong, and Master of Contemporary Art Practice from Goldsmiths, University of London. Former member of the founding team of UCCA Children’s Education Department and director of project research and development. Over 100 artist workshops were held with the team. She has been invited to give speeches and lectures at the University of West Sydney, the University of South Wales, Tsinghua University, the University of Hong Kong and Goldsmiths, University of London. Her works are active in galleries, residential projects and art fairs, both domestic and international, and are favored by many collectors and foundations, including the Geoff Raby Collection and Australia TWT Creative Precinct, among others. Rose Wong and her work have been reported on by CNN, Finance Review, CCTV, Beijing Tourism Satellite TV, Vogue, Bazaar, and more.

“In Rose Wong’s recent works, you can feel the sensibility and madness, calmness and humor of this Hong Kong girl. I want to remind you that she was also a child art educator, perhaps it is this experience that makes a rippling childlike heart always floating above the halo of many works, breathing the dangers and insecurities of reality into warm breaths.”
—You Yang (Art critic,Deputy Curator of the UCCA)

“Rose Wong, first of all, she is an excellent young artist with deep soul and interesting personality. Then, Rose Wong is a woman. Her artistic creation is very expressive: from scaffolding to installation to behavioral art. In creative inspiration, it is the conversation between the ego and the superego, the game between reality and fantasy, and the superposition of desire and subconscious.”
—Peng Ziqi (Sociologist of art, independent curator, art investment and collection consultant)