Chaoyang Park, Xinglong and Shunyi campuses of House of Knowledge recently hosted the very special event, Daddy and Child Day. During this event dedicated to daddy/child bonding opportunities, the daddies and their children participated in all kinds of interesting interactive games, worked collaboratively to make handicraft and exhibited wonderful team spirit during the daddy-child competitions. It was easy to see how well everyone worked together and the campuses were full of laughter and joy!

Xinglong Campus held their very first “Daddy Child Day”. All the daddies were very curious about the event but participated in the activities with great enthusiasm. The daddies and children stood shoulder to shoulder, foot to foot to complete the three-legged race, they concocted a special sauce together, the children used cream to “shave” their Daddy’s beard and played “Guess what it tastes like…” Everyone enjoyed a delicious hot dog after the activities while prizes were given for the best outfit, the best spirit and the best teamwork.

Chaoyang Park Campus also had plenty of activities this year: a pie eating contest, bowling, three-legged race, water ball fighting, creative sauce making and guessing the tastes…The most popular games for children this year were water ball fighting and bowling. On this sunny summer’s day, the daddies truly appeared to have returned to their own childhood and engaged in fierce competition with their children.

Shunyi campus took “Sports” as the theme for their event. The daddies and children competed in several parent-child contests to test their sporting prowess: three-legged race, carrying the ping-pong ball, “beating hamster” and bowling… Although the mothers were not present for the event, the thoughtful children still made Mother’s Day cards for their mothers. There were also many prizes to be won at “Spin the Wheel”; let’s see who the luckiest one was!

The daddies and their children at all three campuses spent an unforgettable time together full of love and laughter and everybody can’t wait for our next event in December!