Anna Williams, Principal of House of Knowledge Xinglong Campus and Lily Liu, Head Teacher of Early Years of House of Knowledge Shunyi and Chaoyang Park campus attended the first Fieldwork Education International Curriculum Conference which was hosted by the Overseas Family School in Singapore from March 14th -16th. The conference theme was ‘Connecting Learning’. The conference was a great opportunity to network with other schools around the world also using the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) framework as well as explore how accredited and member schools implement the Fieldwork Education’s IEYC in their schools and share ideas and best practice.

Anna and Lily were able to connect with other like-minded leaders and discuss the IEYC to their respective contexts and discuss the great learning opportunities our House of Knowledge children are getting here in Beijing, China.

Anna and Lily learned about key areas regarding further implementing the IEYC at House of Knowledge, such as connecting homerooms to life; changing mindset, changing habit; implementing the IEYC and preparing for accreditation; the concept of differentiation; connecting minds, connecting pedagogies etc.

Anna: “It was a great opportunity to meet other leaders, to share best practice and learn how other schools are teaching and implementing the IEYC in their own native countries. From the conference I took away a better understanding of the definition of ‘play based learning’ as well as the need for our students to drive their own learning through lessons that capture their curiosity and is relevant to their setting and understanding in the projects we teach.”

Lily: “I am so glad to join the IEYC training in Singapore, and I met many friends from all over the world who are engaged with International Education. Over the three days of study and communications, I have a developed a deeper understanding of IEYC. I believe this allows me to be a more effective instructor, leading our team to carry out thematic activities in teaching and record the learning results of project activities. Through independent and interdependent learning, communication, healthy life and body, we will explore the four areas that support the learning development of young children and combine them with the House of Knowledge core values to prepare our students to become real citizens of the world!”