“Hello,hello,can you clap your hands?

Hello, hello, can you clap your hands?

Can you stretch up high?

Can you touch your toes?

Can you turn around…”


House of Knowledge Xinglong Campus opens it’s doors to the sounds of happy children’s songs. The students were greeted warmly at the school gate by Ms. Anna, our Xinglong Campus Principal, and the Xinglong Campus teachers on the morning of January 7th.

The children followed their teachers to their respective classrooms and began to familiarise themselves with the class’ different areas and the school environment. “Guess who I am” was a great game to start the day, where the children learned each others’ names by their name cards and found their lockers. Some of them even helped their new friends find the right name cards. The children were introduced to their new daily life and routines when they read the picture book <A day in the kindergarten> during circle time.

Although it was the first day at Xinglong Campus for all students, and even for some of them it was the first time they have left their parents, they all began to adapt well to the Kindergarten life thanks to the professional guidance from their teachers. Some of them still wanted to play in the class even after the school day had finished.

HoK has created a plan to assist children who have never been to Kindergarten – The adjustment process. It is especially helpful for all our new students, providing them with a warm welcome and aiding the successful initiation of their school life. This process has been specifically designed to gently integrate the students of House of Knowledge into our daily life and routines, help children to feel comfortable in the new environments as well as introduce them to their new teaching team.

The opening day of our new campus was a warm and welcoming start to the Spring term and the staff at House of Knowledge are looking forward to maintaining this wonderful atmosphere as the rest of the year progresses. We will have many more students joining us in the coming months and years, many from different countries and cultures. We look forward to welcoming them into our wonderfully caring and enthusiastic educational family. Once again, we would like to welcome all our new students to House of Knowledge Xinglong Campus and we wish you a joyful and successful school life with us!


House of Knowledge Xinglong Campus:

The third House of Knowledge, Xinglong Campus is based in a fantastic, easily accessible location next to Chaoyang Road. The five floors building includes 11 well-resourced classrooms, function rooms, a swimming pool, library, gym and a more than 1,300sqm outdoor play area. The Xinglong campus offers the same international learning opportunities for children ages from 18 months to 5 years old.