The father’s love like the sunshine which is warm and bright; The father’s love like a mountain which is firm and majestic; The father’s love like the ocean which is deep and spacious…

House of Knowledge holds Daddy Child Day twice a year, in May and December respectively. It is one of the most important and beloved traditions at HoK to express and enhance the deep love between Daddies and their child(ren). The 12th Daddy Child Day took place this month and was open to all students in the Early Years at Shunyi and Chaoyang Park campuses.

On December 1st, Daddies and their child(ren) arrived at our Shunyi campus very early and couldn’t wait to begin spending this precious time together. They enjoyed lots of fun, festive games and Christmas crafts: they made reindeer antlers, chose their favorite colors to paint Christmas snowflakes, competed with daddy of the Christmas circle, made a Christmas card with their cute photo, designed a sparkling Christmas bracelet for daddy, decorated Christmas cookies, and tasted the delicious German pancakes and sweet waffles…

Our Chaoyang Park campus held the Daddy Child Day on December 8th. Daddy and child(ren) enjoyed various Christmas theme crafts: designed and made the reindeer antlers, snowman, snowflake, Christmas tree, Christmas bracelet… The most amazing thing is that Santa Claus also dropped in! He chatted with the children and handed out beautiful and sweet Christmas gifts to all the children!

The fun activities offered an opportunity for the kids to spend quality time with the father-figure in their life. All these activities were designed to help foster the special ‘daddy/child’ relationship, whilst also encouraging everyone to enjoy themselves too! Thank you to all Daddies who joined this event. Happy Daddy Child Day to all of you!


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