House of Knowledge students arrived bright and early for their first day of the new school year, signalling the end of the summer holidays. The sounds of excitement and laughter filled the air at both campuses as the children were reunited with old friends, tested the new playground equipment, explored the newly decorated classrooms, and began preparing for the exciting projects they would begin this term…

The students were greeted at the school gate by the Principal and teachers who then accompanied them to their classrooms. This was especially helpful for all our new students, providing them with a warm welcome and aiding the beginning of the adjustment process. This process has been specifically designed to gently integrate the students of House of Knowledge into our daily life and routines, help them feel comfortable in the new environments as well as introduce them to their new teaching team.

A Welcoming ceremony was also held in the GYM. The ceremony included a wonderful celebration by the students in the Elementary school as they welcomed the students beginning their first day in Grade 1. Ms. Kohnen and Lili gave a presentation to the students and the parents, introducing the Grade 1 teaching team. In keeping with an old German tradition, each Grade 1 student was also presented with a “Schultüte”. The “Schultüte” is a cone shaped vessel filled with school supplies that is usually gifted to children by their parents or grandparents as they embark on their learning journey into Grade 1. The tradition in Germany dates back to the 17th century but still takes place in many households today. This was a very special moment for our new Grade 1 students and their families and was captured in many photos which will be looked back on and cherished by the children for years to come.

The first day of the school year was a truly wonderful experience for the whole community. If the positive attitudes and energy displayed by all the HoK students continues with such enthusiasm, we are certain 2018-2019 will be a year to remember. The staff and teachers of House of Knowledge would like to wish all our students, new and returning, much health, happiness and success in the year ahead!