As Mother’s Day approaches on Sunday May 13th, the students of House of Knowledge Shunyi Campus have been preparing a fantastic “gift” for their Mothers – an adorable performance! After 2 weeks of preparation and rehearsal, on Friday May 4th, the students performed songs, dances and children’s theatre to express their love and gratitude to their mothers.

The students from Nursery 1 sang several songs about the seasons which revealed to the audience how the seasons look through the students’ eyes. The Pre-K 1 students performed a piece of children’s theatre called “Tadpoles find their Mother”. The parents were captivated by the story and sang the song together with the students. As Pre-K 2 students are exploring the subject of ‘Dinosaurs’ recently, they sang songs all about dinosaurs. The audience gave all the students huge rounds of applause for each performance, with lots of smiles to encourage the younger performers.

After the amazing performance, all the parents followed their children to their classrooms to enjoy doing some arts and crafts together. The teachers were able to share the children’s profiles with their parents, demonstrating their development process, the learning subject, their interests and so on.

House of Knowledge teachers and staff would like to wish all mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day!