In the afternoon of January 19th, House of Knowledge (Shunyi campus) hosted a star-filled “Oscar Ceremony” in the gym. Nominees walked up the red carpet surrounded by the warm praise of their teachers. Parents who participated in the ceremony raised their cameras to memorialize the magnificent moments.

The “Oscar Ceremony” is part of the IPC’s exhibition section for Grade 2, where students spend nine weeks studying “Magic Media”. In the process, students improved their listening and communication skills. At the same time, they took a closer look at how technological innovation has changed the channels and ways of communication in the contemporary world. By applying classroom learning to real-world practice, students used their imaginations and initiative. They designed their own costumes and put on an amazing show, where they showcased their creations.

In the ceremony, six awards were announced – Best Actor/Actress in a Leading Role, Best Comedy Actor/Actress, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Costume Design, Best Sound Engineer, and Best Project. Each award had 3-4 nominees who had been nominated by their classmates.

Zhuangzhuang, Andrew, Cody and Georgi from Grade 2 hosted the awards ceremony. Dr. Carsten Mueller, the CEO of House of Knowledge, was invited to the ceremony as a presenter to confer the “Oscar Statue” and HoK Core Value Award to students. The “Oscar” and HoK Core Value Awards are school honor given to students who perform excellently in the 10 core values that are advocated at school.

After the awards ceremony, parents were invited to view pictures of the exhibition. Students who won the awards held a small-scale signing activity. The ceremony even included a program, which was independently designed, printed out and distributed to “audiences” by the students.