We believe in a sustainable child-driven education and view education as a life long process!

House of Knowledge Kindergarten provides an engaging hands-on program, preparing students for Elementary School in a creative and meaningful way.

Children naturally have curious and inquisitive minds and at House of Knowledge we nurture them through an inquiry-based approach,  empowering students to question, discover, and communicate freely.

Kindergarten Program


The International Primary Curriculum (IPC), used by over 1800 schools worldwide, is the foundation of our Kindergarten program.

Through the IPC students develop both, awareness of their cultural heritage and an international mindset. The curriculum covers a substantial amount of thematic units that tap into children’s interests and help them learn about and engage positively with the world around them.

Building on our HoK core values, the IPC helps HoK students to develop learning skills, personal characters, values, and international-mindedness.

Students completing the House of Knowledge Kindergarten program will be well-equipped with the social and academic skills required for admission into our Elementary School.

Kindergarten Languages

At House of Knowledge, all teachers only speak their native language. Through this one-person-one-language approach, children are exposed to the most natural and fluent form of English, Chinese and other languages. Learn more about our Immersion Project Program.

Kindergarten Literacy Program

Our English Language Arts curriculum follows the only reading program designed specifically to meet the U.S. Common Core standards for English literacy.

Kindergarten Math Program

At HoK, we understand that is it vital to equip our students with a high level of numeracy and math. Therefore, we use the Chinese national curriculum for numeracy and math objectives in both the English and Chinese languages. Learning numeracy and math in these two languages allows for true “bi-numerate”The development of chinese mathematics and western mathematics (Greek) are historically independent of each other, and therefore the approaches and principles differ. By acquiring both chinese and western mathematical methods allows our students to have an aptitude to attain mathematical mental calculations and strategies in both languages. Therefore, enabling our students to really understand the meaning of numbers both conceptually and procedurally, through a wider range of interchangeable math skills and how they apply to the real world. thinking.

Values-based Education
Values-based Education: House of Knowledge provides education of the highest international standard. We maintain high teacher-child ratios and retain a faculty of qualified, professional and enthusiastic educators. Inspired by Reggio Emilia, our curriculum offers a child-centered process of age-appropriate learning experiences. Our students daily life at the school gives them an opportunity to practice values such as self-awareness, empathy, cooperation, and resilience.
International Mindset
As the 21st century is changing the world into a global village, we recognize the importance of a multilingual education that prepares children for the opportunities and challenges waiting for them. Not only is language learning one of the best tools to help a child develop an active mind, but it also supports their understanding and appreciation of other cultures.
Unique Learning Environment
Unique Learning Environment: While we all learn from an infinite number of sources, the three first and foremost teachers of any child are the parent, the in-class teacher, and the environment. Knowing that a student’s surroundings are such a vital component of their education, we have created age-appropriate facilities that encourage children to question, explore, and creatively engage with the world around them.
Emergent Learning
At House of Knowledge we believe that learning is about more than acquiring knowledge and skills. Instead of only teaching children facts, we teach them how to learn, empowering them to become lifelong learners. Emergent learning is hands-on, builds on the immediate experiences of a child and relies on their natural curiosity.

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Language learning at HoK kindergarten is facilitated through our Immersion Project Program (IPP).


Academics are covered through “projects” with singular themes


IPP is used in conjunction with the one-person-one-language approach


Context allows our students to grasp similar vocabulary in the other languages


The IPP provides students with a fun, non-intimidating opportunity to learn a new language