Chaoyang Park Campus

Victoria Gardens, 15 Chaoyang Park West Road, Beijing
Telefon: +86 (10) 6538 2624

Shunyi Campus

North gate of Quanfa compound, 18 Maquanying Road, Beijing
Telefon: +86 (10) 6431 8452

Xinglong Campus

Block A, Unit 8, Xinglongzhuang, Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Telefon: +86 (10) 8045 6946

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Das neue Schuljahr hat begonnen!

Die Freude über den ersten Tag des neuen Schuljahres war an den Gesichtern der Schülerinnen und Schüler abzulesen.

Zwei Wochen Lehrerfortbildung

Lebenslanges Lernen gilt auch für Erwachsene – House of Knowledge folgt diesem Motto und bietet allen Beschäftigten die Möglichkeit fachlicher Fortbildung. Vor dem Beginn des neuen Schuljahres nahmen unsere Lehrkräfte an einer zweiwöchigen Weiterbildung teil.

Returning to Beijing – New Elementary Principal Russell O’Neill Prepares for His Next China Chapter!

This week I have been actively engaged in a variety of events as I celebrate the end of the school year here in North Macedonia, which is located just north of Greece, in Central Europe. Just this week I am attending 4 graduation ceremonies at my school as well as a...

House of Knowledge Teacher Appreciation Week

At House of Knowledge, we do things a bit differently for teacher appreciation! While China celebrates Teachers' Day on September 10th, we celebrate our teachers for an entire week in June, right before the summer holiday. On the one hand, we hope that children can...

Meet Our Teachers! – Teia Nidey, Lead Teacher at Xinglong campus

Ms. Teia Nidey is a professional and experienced American lead teacher who has been with House of Knowledge for 3 years. She is highly experienced in teaching and guiding children through the process of project-based learning. During the last 3 years, Teia has...

How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need?-Anna Williams, Principal of Xinglong Campus, discusses children’s sleep

Vicki Dawson of The Children's Sleep Charity said: "Sleep is so important in order to ensure that children can meet their full potential in every aspect of their lives. It can be helpful to have an awareness of roughly how much sleep a child needs but we do need to...

The Charm of Art and Architecture -House of Knowledge Art and Design Summer Camp

The summer holiday is fast approaching, and parents are already starting to search for the perfect summer camp for their children. As an advocate for and practitioner of quality early childhood education, House of Knowledge always strives to provide children with...

“The Roses in Her Hand, The Flavor in Mine” -5th Annual House of Knowledge Yard Sale

Recently, the 5th annual Yard Sale of House of Knowledge was successfully held in Shunyi Campus. Although the weather was not as good as we had hoped, the enthusiasm of students and parents remained unchanged.  On the day, with the help of their parents, the...

Another Fantastic Success for Daddy Child Day!

Chaoyang Park, Xinglong and Shunyi campuses of House of Knowledge recently hosted the very special event, Daddy and Child Day. During this event dedicated to daddy/child bonding opportunities, the daddies and their children participated in all kinds of interesting...

Dynamic Mathematics Class-Math Teacher of Elementary Cindy Xin

Mathematics is a discipline that studies the concepts of numbers, shapes, variables, space, and information, and is the product of rational thinking. For this reason, mathematics has puzzled and annoyed many students. In the math class at House of Knowledge, however,...