At House of Knowledge, we firmly believe education requires the involvement of the home, school, and child, cultivating a positive and nurturing community-based environment

In each of our schools, you will find an area where parents can mingle, enjoy a coffee, set up play dates, and talk to campus management. Both campuses also offer a variety of community-building after school activities for children.

Along with activities and opportunities to build relationships, we realize that successful communication is key to a happy and functional community. For this reason, we have an open door policy and encourage parents and families to feel welcome to approach us with any questions or concerns about the school or otherwise. We keep parents informed through daily reports (for Nursery and Pre-K groups), monthly parent letters, parent coffees, parent orientation nights, community seminars, parent-teacher meetings and family events throughout the year.

Latest News

Another Fantastic Success for Daddy Child Day!

Chaoyang Park, Xinglong and Shunyi campuses of House of Knowledge recently hosted the very special event, Daddy and Child Day. During this event dedicated to daddy/child bonding opportunities, the daddies and their children participated in all kinds of interesting...

Dynamic Mathematics Class-Math Teacher of Elementary Cindy Xin

Mathematics is a discipline that studies the concepts of numbers, shapes, variables, space, and information, and is the product of rational thinking. For this reason, mathematics has puzzled and annoyed many students. In the math class at House of Knowledge, however,...

The Wonderful Easter Picnics of House of Knowledge Early Years!

House of Knowledge Shunyi, Chaoyang Park and Xinglong Campus each held their fantastic Easter picnics recently. In the beautiful spring air, the children and parents participated in lots of fun Easter games whilst enjoying some special time together! The Easter Picnic...

Discovering Dinosaurs How IEYC Implement in Project Based Learning

During our superhero project we noticed students incorporating dinosaurs into their dramatic play. The superheroes were either saving the dinosaurs from volcanoes or protecting humans from dinosaurs that came to earth. To test the children's interest we began putting...