In this beautiful spring season, House of Knowledge has held so many interesting and fun activities on and off-campus that allow all our children to explore, experience, and learn by themselves in this colorful world surrounding them. Today, we would like to take you to review one of the most exciting events we had this month – the Easter Celebration! Easter is one of the most traditional Western holidays and one of the most popular with children. It is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon of the Vernal Equinox.

One of the most representative symbols of Easter is the egg, which signifies the arrival of new life in the spring season. The other symbol is the rabbit, due to its substantial breeding period, which represents life and hope.

During our Easter Celebration week, we had a variety of Easter-themed activities. We believe in our Reggio Emilia education philosophy, which emphasizes children’s full exposure via hands-on activities, experiments, arts and crafts, and sports to discover their surrounding world and express their perceptions to embrace the season.


Check out some highlights that our children enjoyed so much during our Easter Celebration week, such as egg-hunting, learning about how an egg turns into a chicken and the life cycle, making egg arts and doing egg cooking, as well as using lots of design minds and creativity to decorate our classrooms and campus to make it filled with a spring tune!

We had learning stations for Easter-themed explorations, learning about farm animals, making Easter wreaths, and Easter eggs.

Our children also had a rabbit guest come visit them during the Easter Week! They were thrilled to feed the rabbit, touch it, and cuddle with it. Some children even searched for information in books to find out what environment and temperature would make the rabbit most comfortable. We feel proud to see that all our children learn to respect life and nature.

Easter also means life and hope. In April, our children started to learn about seeds, and they learnt to plant them in the soil, inside our lovely HoK garden. We are all looking forward to seeing what the seeds will turn into within the upcoming weeks.

╱ Side note ╱
On April 16, House of Knowledge organized an exciting Easter egg hunt at Huairou Cherry Apple Tree Camp Site. This family-friendly event received numerous positive feedback from the entire HoK community, and we are truly happy to have everyone celebrate the day with us! Check out the video highlight below, and we look forward to seeing you again in next year’s Easter celebration!