Ever child is like a little star, each one glowing. At House of Knowledge, we lead the children to find a course where they can shine most brightly.

Today, House of Knowledge is excited to announce that we will hold Summer Camps this July and August open to both our internal families and to the public!

Our summer program would provide the children a variety of learning opportunities so as to enable the children have a joyful and meaningful summer vacation.

Fulfill children’s holistic developmental needs

For Early Years children (3-6 years), exploring the world around them, making new friends, and building relationships with his/her surroundings is the most important thing.

At House of Knowledge and in our well-designed Reggio inspired environment, we offer abundant activities under a specified theme to help cultivate children’s emotional intelligence, language development, independent consciousness, well-being habits, learning abilities, as well as to boost the child’s confidence.

At House of Knowledge, all our staff are native speakers in English, Chinese, and German.

From founder, principal, to teachers, we are equipped with a very strong academic team with Early Years education degrees and relevant teaching certificates.

Such strong academic team would help all children to develop according to each child’s cultural background and learning needs in this summer camp.

Enhance the perception – Let me see, try, and experiment

Many children nowadays live in big cities and lack direct connections with nature.

However, it is greatly acknowledged that a natural environment can effectively promote the healthy development of children’s brain development and the senses, to stimulate children’s imagination and creativity, as well as to help children connect the knowledge with the real world – to imagine, to think, hence to have a deeper understanding of the world.

By joining our summer camps, your child can not only enjoy the outdoor summer theme activities on campus, but also through our learning activities, your child will be immersed in a multi-language environment (English/Chinese/German as an option) and use lots of loose parts and open-ended materials to explore.

In an environment which is rich in natural materials like ours, it would greatly invoke the children to experience, engage, construct and invent, and would also invite children to tinker, manipulate, and play.

Multi-dimensional learning and explorations

At House of Knowledge, our “Learning Tree” is a visual aid to help explain the importance of having strong fundamental competencies (“roots”), on which one’s life can grow, and developmental areas (“branches”) that one can develop through their life.

We believe the stronger the roots, the greater an individual’s ability to build on this foundation will be, and the more they will be able to acquire knowledge and skills (“branches”) that will subsequently enable them to succeed during their lifetime.

This is why supporting fundamental competencies and developmental areas is HoK’s greatest quest.

By joining the summer camps, all areas of our HoK learning tree would be covered including learning/social/material/cognitive competencies, motor and body development, cultural and language awareness, and much more.

Getting to work with our teaching team and cooperating with peers to design and build relationships would all help a lot to improve a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence, and hence help the child form a positive self-image.

Through plenty of interesting activities, interactions and communications the children will have, we believe all the children will benefit from our particular summer camp.

Summer camps are also a great and very valuable opportunity for your child to get familiar with our campus and teachers, as well as to feel the child-centered, well-designed Reggio inspired environment.

Seats are limited. Sign up today and we look forward to spending this fascinating summer with you!

Camp1: July 10th – 14th (Monday – Friday)

Camp 2: August 21st – 25th (Monday – Friday)

Time: 8:30am – 3:00pm

Age group: 3-6 years

Language: English, Chinese, German

Price: 3280 rmb per week


Phone: 4006507747

Email: admissions@hokschools.com

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