The new semester has begun at House of Knowledge and we are thrilled to be back on campus!

Today, we would like to share with you some highlights of what our children got up to during their first couple of weeks after our spring semester kicks off.

Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful moments together for our children’s campus life!

Nursery (18 months – 3 years)

Everyday when our children walk into the classroom, they start their fascinating day with a morning circle.

For our Nursery Baby Shark toddlers group, the children have been exploring the theme of “Transportation” for their new learning journey.

In the morning circle, the children found it very interesting to explore with transportation puzzles – they worked on different puzzles and that develops the capacity to perceive the visual world accurately, attention span, and critical thinking.

For open time, the children made traffic lights for the “Transportation” project. They learned the different colors of traffic lights, different types of vehicles, and where people can usually find them.

Tire tracks painting with toy vehicles helps the children develop creative thinking since they are using the vehicles for something other than their intended purpose.

All the various learning activities and explorations help the children to participate, to learn, and to cooperate together while practising their team spirit, social communication, and language skills.

Our Nursery Little Sailors toddlers group had a fun time exploring their project theme of the “Snowflake”!

Yesterday the children made Fizzy snowflakes – they used baking soda, mixed it with water and then froze it overnight. Today the children took it out of the molds and added vinegar to observe the snowflakes dissolve, the children loved the bubbles they observed and said they were very beautiful.

Alongside with the amazing science experiment, the children also enjoyed learning a new song called “Snowflake”-they not only practiced vocabulary but also tried to follow the rhythm.

In afternoon time for hands-on activities, the children used glue, glitter, and pieces of paper to decorate their snowflakes-the classroom becomes prettier and prettier as our children add more of their works to it. We are so proud of our children’s creativity and their motivation to keep exploring the world around them.

English Pre-K (3-5 years)

In our Pre-K Flower Ninjas class, the children started their learning journey of “My Body”.

The children had a fun way in exploring the internal body part, the organs, by learning new vocabulary such as heart, stomach, lungs and brain.

Many interesting songs and games were implemented to help children get to fully understand the words.

Decorating and exploring our own hinged skeletons, learning about what’s x rays and then making arm x ray crafts……the children digged in so much in exploring this project!

During afternoon time, a special guest came to the class-our nurse! Nurse Vivian explained to children the function of a lot of our internal organs and muscles and the children enjoyed listening and taking part in relevant games so much.

In our Pre-K Butterfly class, the children have kicked off the “Transportation” project!

After learning about different transportation vehicles, today the children made a train using paint and egg cartons. They focused on a special part of the steam train, the chimney and they made this with toilet roll which is very environmentally-friendly.

When finished, the children continued to add the steam using cotton balls which practiced children’s art and motor skills by painting the top and sides.

In the afternoon, the children went to the library and read a ‘wheels on the bus’ book. This activity used language awareness, total physical response and music skills as children sang along.

It was great to see all the children smiling and laughing as they went through every verse and they all recognised the bus and the wheels too!

German Pre-K (3-5 years)

Our German class started their project of “Travel around the world”. After discussing and voting for what was the favorite vehicle for travelling, the German class decided to explore more about airplanes!

Building own plane and drawing with favorite colors, puzzling the world map, discuss how to behave when boarding an aircraft……our children explored out many interesting facts about the airplane.

KG class (5-6 years)

Our KG class children started their “Arctic Animals” project! The children reviewed the knowledge of the Arctic and learned the names of more Arctic animals by reading the story such as “Polar bears” and “little lost penguin”.

After getting to learn about polar bears and to further broaden the knowledge, teacher Amanda led children to explore about the Northern Lights-through documentations and reading books, children enriched their scientific knowledge that northern lights are caused by solar flares which travel from the sun to the earth after a solar storm. The magnetic field of the earth forces the solar flare to the poles of the earth and causes us to see beautiful light in the night sky.

It was interesting for the children to also get to learn that the northern lights are known as “auroras” as well and are found near the North and South poles of the earth.

In arts station, the children created very beautiful designs by putting these knowledge into practice and through making multimedia Northern Lights projects.

The weather has been very nice since the first day of school. All our children had great fun not only exploring their projects learning but also playing outside and enjoying the nice weather with their teachers and peers.

What a joyful moment when we all reunite together as a loving HoK community to start this new chapter of the spring semester!