The year of 2023 is here!

A new year, a new beginning——with excitement and anticipation, House of Knowledge cannot wait to embark on a new journey with each of our children to open the new chapter following the new year.

Today, we would like to share some highlights of our semester Teacher Professional Development Day at House of Knowledge.

A child’s first teachers are their parents, and the teachers as well as the learning environment act as the second and third teacher for a child’s holistic development according to Reggio Emilia education philosophy.

As a practitioner of the Reggio Emilia inspired Kindergarten, we follow the philosophy by building a great academic team and creating a most creative, conductive, and inspiring environment to support our children for growth and development since the school’s establishment 15 years ago.

Through these 15 years, as the first kindergarten that introduced the Reggio Emilia philosophy to Beijing, we have been kept building and expanding our professional and talented teaching team, which our professional Early Years teachers and the highly inspiring and exploratory environment are well acknowledged and liked by many families among Beijing communities who hold a similar educational philosophy.

We believe in “Being a Lifelong Learner”, and this not only applies to guide and encourage our children to develop a sense of lifelong learning concept, but also it applies to every teacher and every adult.

This semester, the theme of our “Teacher Professional Development Day” was “Creative Workshop / Kreativwerkstatt”.

During this Teacher Training day, many strategies and practices that inspire a positive and highly educational learning environment were implemented within our Reggio Emilia and project-based learning approach.

It was exciting that numerous fun and interactive activities with real life examples resulted in great team building and brainstorming for the teachers to spark their ideas to get inspired for their teaching practices in a well-designed Reggio inspired environment.

For example, in the Learning Stations, our teachers took part in many creative activities such as Felting, Hand-making Pompom balls, Wood-working and Design on wood, Weaving and plaiting, and many others.

Presentation and practical trial of ongoing learning station opportunities were focused on different developmental milestones divided by age groups.

The aim was to introduce and practice a variety of skills that can be transported to the real teaching for children on campus.

What is more, the Professional Development Day was also filled with festive themes such as Mid-Autumn Festival, St. Martin’s Day, Christmas, Chinese New Year, as well as arts and crafts activities which would largely invoke the teachers to spark more ideas in designing their own classroom materials and project-based teaching for celebrating multi-cultures and holidays when those dates come around the corner.

In all, the well-designed Teacher Training activities were of great help in developing children’s sensory experience, design thinking, creative mind, fine-motor skills, operational and manipulation skills, concentrations, eye-hand coordination, science, maths, arts, sorting and classification, social communication, cooperation, and many other developmental areas that were integrated in our 18 months – 6 years age appropriate learning and exploratory activities.

The education values behind these activities were also deeply analysed and practiced among teachers, which made our Professional Development Day very successful, efficient, and practical.

We believe that clear career planning and abundant vocational training will help teachers devote themselves to teaching more attentively and sustainably, thus ensuring the quality and stability of teaching resources for our children.

Our Professional Development days take place 2 times per year, followed by a whole preparation week in summer that includes a lot of professional development as well.

Our teachers would never stop learning as we all believe that everyone should possess a life-long learning mindset throughout their life.

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Age Groups: 

• English Nursery (18 months-3 years) 

• English Pre-K (3-5 years)

• German Pre-K (3-5 years) 

• KG Level (5-6 years) 

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