What an exciting week!

This week, all House of Knowledge students resumed school after being away since late April due to the corona-virus pandemic in Beijing.

We have been missing all the students a lot and it was such a joyful moment when we finally got to greet all the lovely faces of our children back on campus!

The children got back to campus routines and schedules so quickly and our indoor classrooms, outdoor playground, gym, piazza, and library, have been filled with children’s laughter again. Now let us take a look at some highlights of the week!

Nursery Caterpillars Class

We have been continuing our Dinosaur theme project. We had fun making dinosaur tracks which allowed for us to tap into our creative side. We got to dip dinosaur feet into paint, mixing different colors, and making colorful patterns and trails.

We also had so much fun with the sorting game which enabled us to compare the dinosaur sizes and we got to practice which is bigger/smaller.

The shadow-play by our teacher made us laugh and learn so much during the free play time!

Nursery Little Sailors Class

We have started to explore our Farm Animals project. We learned about cows today and got to know that they produce milk which us humans also enjoy on a daily basis. We had a simulation about how cows produce milk and it was a lot of fun.

When we learnt about birds, we learnt that birds like to eat seeds so we made peanut butter bird feeders. When we finished, we hung it up in the tress in our school garden. This tested our fine motor skills through following directions as well as cognitive skills.

Pre-K English Butterfly Class

We have been exploring our Insects project this week! In our bee themed math activity, we helped the bees with numbers to find their way home to their hives.

We also had a rotation spider class this week. We watched a documentary, drew a spider, and practiced cutting skills with the life cycle.

During outdoor time, we had very much fun hunting for spiders all around. We also learnt about the spider life cycle, eggs, spiderlings, and different spider types.

Pre-K German Sterne Class

We have been continuing our Dinosaur project with lots of fun. Today we made dino fans and we worked on our papier-mache volcano.

In the project we used the salt dough volcano that we made previously and let it erupt. The “chemical reaction” produced lava slime that we can also use to play.

A Pangaea puzzle helped us understand that the continents were connected when dinosaurs lived, which was a very fun activity for us to explore!

KG Moon class

We have been continuing our Planting and Gardening project. We explored leaves using water colors and we combined different textures and mediums.

Then we inspired ourselves by drawing a water-color painting with the leaf that we picked from our school garden. These all spark us to explore different artistic styles and to develop our sense of art.


In this exciting reopening week, Mr. Farshad Danicek, co-founder of House of Knowledge, has been on campus in person to supervise and give directions in terms of campus teaching and operations as well.

When our students were playing outside and saw Mr. Farshad, they came running towards him and could not wait to hug him.  We all know that not only the school missed all the children, but the children missed their lovely campus and teachers so much as well. How joyful moment we reunite!

For all the things we do and all the pictures we see, there is no doubting the excitement on all children’s faces for their first week back on campus.

Dear all, a BIG welcome back to all of you again! We have missed you so much. Our fun school life is continuing and we look forward to an amazing day everyday with you!

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