Spring blossoms. In this beautiful season, House of Knowledge is getting ready for our “Year 2022 HoK Open Week” throughout May 3rd to May 6th (Tuesday – Friday) for families who are interested in knowing more about our campus as well as the Reggio Emilia education approach, which we are proud to deliver and consistently apply over the past decades.

The Reggio Emilia approach, started in a small village in Italy 75 years ago. It considers that the best way for children to learn is to be active participators in their own learning by engaging in a unique two-way relationship with their teachers. The holistic development plays a very important role in learning that takes places every day in a Reggio Emilia School like ours.

Click below video to take a look at our daily Kindergarten life on campus, with one of our founders, Mrs. Xia Qing, explaining and showcasing what a project-based learning approach looks likes at House of Knowledge, how our multi-language learning environment helps children develop language skills, team spirit, social skills, and much more!

House of Knowledge’s efforts on maintaining a space for children that nurtures and gives room to grow physically and social-emotionally is our priority. When children start attending Kindergarten at a young age, they are setting up the pillars of their role as a citizen.

Want to take a campus tour soon? Join our upcoming OPEN WEEK!

We welcome you and your family to come personally and meet our School Founders, Principals and Academic-Team. While you explore our campus, you can also learn about our daily teaching approaches and feel our child-centered atmosphere. Sign up now and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Age Group:

•English Nursery (18 months–3 years)

•German Nursery (18 months–3 years)

•English Pre-K (3-5 years)

•German Pre-K (3-5 years)

•KG (5-6 years)

Date: May 3rd to May 6th (Tuesday-Friday)

Time:4PM everyday

Venue:House of Knowledge, 15 Chaoyang Park, West Rd. Beijing

Language: English, Chinese, German

RSVP: Please scan QR code below