The father’s love like the sunshine, which is warm and bright;

The father’s love like a mountain which is firm and majestic;

The father’s love like the ocean, which is deep and spacious……

The Reggio Emilia approach to education sees parents, teachers, and the environment all playing an essential role in a child’s development. Parents especially take on a vital role in the early years’ growth and development of their children.

We believe that “Big heroes are living in every child’s heart; one of them is their father!” As a traditional event at House of Knowledge, this year the Daddy-Child day was held very successfully on campus which was fulfilled with laughter, inspiration, and a variety of fun activities.

We invited all students’ dads to join this event and participate in some special activities with their children. This year, the theme was “Pinewood Train Derby”. The dads and the children enjoyed themselves a lot by designing their own pinewood trains, making photo frames, taking a race on our track, and moreover, exploring their limitless creativity together!

How to build a pinewood train? How can I make my train race faster? How would I like to design and decorate my own train so it is outstanding and special?

In our pinewood train derby activity, the children came up with many interesting ideas and they tried out different ways to design and construct their own trains together with their dads. From drawing, designing, making the trains, to ultimately having it take a race —— it was very exciting to see every dad and child team enjoying their own unique design. And with all the warm hugs and happy faces, we can tell that everyone truly treasured all the special moments.

House of Knowledge is helping students gain valuable learning and hands-on experience in an immersed fun Reggio setting. We would like to thank all dads who participated in this event and all our teachers and staff who spent lots of efforts in making this event a big success.

Mr. Farshad Danicek, the school founder of House of Knowledge, was preparing the event in person to build the tracks and test everything as well. As always, all staff of House of Knowledge worked hard together committing to create a most inspiring, child-centered Reggio Emilia atmosphere to all our children to enable them to learn, participate and experience.

It was great to see that all our children have enjoyed a lot of unforgettable moments of love, laughter, and joy with their dads and teachers at House of Knowledge.

We look forward to seeing you soon in our next event!