New Semester, New Journey – Hear About Our German Class Student’s Parents Voice!


The Introduction

The new academic year has officially kicked off at House of Knowledge (HoK)! Besides our exciting English programs which provide full days English/Chinese bilingual learning environment for the children, our German program which offers a premium trilingual (German/Chinese/English) environment also offers the children/parents with more options if they are looking for multi-language learning opportunities. 

At HoK, from founder, principal, to teachers, we are equipped with a very strong German team that allows our German program and German culture to be authentically immersed in children’s daily life.  

Today, we are very happy to have invited Viviana’s Family, one of our current German class student‘’s parents, to take the interview with us. Viviana’s Family comes from Germany and this year is the third year for Viviana at HoK. We appreciate the opportunity to hear the parents voice and we welcome you to follow and contact us and get to know more about our genuine German program at HoK! 


Q1 How long have you been at HoK and what motivated you to bring your child to an International Educational approach such as Reggio Emilia? 

When we decided to join HoK in March of 2019, our daughter Viviana was only two years old that time. We firstly enrolled the Nursery class and then transformed to the German program when age qualifies. The reason we chose HoK was because the school provides a true multi-language and multi-cultural environment for the students. As we are from Germany, we wanted our daughter to learn the language and spend her childhood in her mother tongue. What was more, the additional English and Chinese learning opportunities helped our daughter get immersed in a real international environment.   


Q2 How satisfied are you with the way learning is structured at HoK right now? 


We like the way how HoK teaches students – all the learnings at HoK are based upon fun and exploratory scenarios. The children always finish their works without any push or pressure; they do it only because they are interested to learn more, and they are willing to explore and to dig into the project topic deeper. 

A lot of things like letters and numbers are learnt in the games and free form plays. Many activities and events (such as St. Martin’s Day, Earth Day, Christmas etc) are integrated with multi-dimensional discussions such as the history, art, characters, letters and sounds, traditions, and more. We like the way that children gain knowledge in a relaxing and freely generated way. The children learn to appreciate each other’s background, cultures, and their own uniqueness, which establish their self-confidence and self-esteem when they were little. 


Q3  How would you describe your parenting style and how is it aligned with HoK core values? 


We very much agree that the kindergarten and the parents should always communicate and collaborate together in order to help the child develop better. In daily activities that Viviana has been involved in,  there are lots of peer communications, collaborations, and the students always come up with very creative ideas for their project themes that they have been working on. As a result, the Core Values of HoK, such as Entrepreneurship, Communication, and Self-design all match our parenting styles for our daughter. 


Q4 How would you describe the relationship of the teachers with your child and what are  the key points you appreciate of their positive model relationship? 


Our daughter enjoys her time at German class. The teachers not only guide children patiently through everyday learning practices, but they also are very close friends to the children- they respect and listen to each other.

HoK is not only a place for gaining knowledge or skills, but it is also a place for children to express themselves, to create ideas and to explore the answers, and in this process, the teachers are always there to help guide and to explore the world around the children together with them. By saying this, we value the positive relationship the teachers and our daughter has been established. 


Q5 Would you share one of your nicest memories since your family joined HoK? 


There are many good memories with HoK. Talking about one of the nicest ones, I would say it could be the time to re-union with HoK after the corona-virus situation was relieved and the kindergarten re-opened; or those days when we celebrated events and holidays together – for example, events such as St. Martin’s Day, the Chinese New Year, the Earth Day, were all very joyful memories for us, as we-the parents, the child, and the school celebrated these important cultures and memories together as a big family. 

We appreciate Viviana’s family for their time to take the in-depth interview with us, and we look forward to sharing with you more about our community members’ thoughts and voices towards HoK – as we aim to present you the most real on-campus life of our students. 

If you are interested to getting to know more about us, scan our Admissions Team’s QR code below and arrange a campus tour. We look forward to seeing you soon!  

About Us

House of Knowledge (HoK) is a premium tri-lingual school (English, Chinese, German) accepting Chinese and foreign passport holders. Our campus is equipped with well-resourced classrooms, library, indoor gym, outdoor areas and computerized air-filters. 

The learning environment caters to children from 18 months to 6 years, utilizing the project-based learning approach and the International Early Years Curriculum. All teachers are native speakers and fully certified. A wide range of after-school activities caters to the creative and artistic talents of students.