The past academic year 2020-2021 is already finished and House of Knowledge is sparing no efforts to get everything prepared and ready to embrace the new 2021-2022 academic year. In our “Family Interview Series” section, we would like to interview some of the student families who have spent the last academic year with us and share their in-depth opinion towards the experience of enrolling and being a community member of House of Knowledge. 

Today, we are excited to interview our KG student Johannes Haas’ family and appreciate the opportunity to hear the parents voice.

Johannes’ Family comes from Austria and they moved to Beijing last year in 2020. Johannes grows up in a trilingual family environment where his parents speak to Johannes in English, German and Chinese. 

Q1 How long have you been at HoK and what motivated you to bring your child to an International Educational approach such as Reggio Emilia? 
We joined HoK in the first semester of 2020-2021 academic year of the school. We have heard about Reggio Emilia before and like their approach to education. We feel very happy to have a chance to experience this in our own family. Additionally, the trilingual (English/Chinese/German) environment which HoK provides fits our own German-speaking background. During our initial visit to the campus, the passionate and respectful approach of the teachers stood out right away which is why we decided to join HoK immediately.

Q2 How satisfied are you with the way learning is structured at HoK right now? 
We are very satisfied with the progress that our son has made since joining HoK. The project-based learning has allowed him to dive deep into specific topics which kept him focused and interested for extended periods of time. Even weeks after the Volcano project which the class has been doing this spring semester, our son is still reading and learning about them at home. He naturally learned how to explore and research certain topics, and we are very happy to see our child grow natural desire and the curiosity to learn and develop through a daily basis.

Q3 How would you describe your parenting style and how is it aligned with HoK core values? 
We believe every child is independent and a capable individual. We should respect and provide them with sufficient time and space. Children are naturally curious and full of love. They learn through discovery and interaction with the world. We as parents should only provide support when absolutely necessary. The core values of HoK align very well with our belief in good child education such as Inquiry, Design Thinking, Cooperation, Entrepreneurship, Global Mindset, etc. 

Q4 How would you describe the relationshipof the teachers with your child and what are the key points you appreciate of their positive model relationship? 

Our son loves all his teachers at HoK and he always talks about them at home. We feel the teachers and children at HoK listen to each other and they have a lot of mutual respect. Our son told us that one day he wants to become a teacher like his Lead Teacher Lior. The teachers understand their children very well too, for example, the Chinese Co-Teacher Maline has given us many useful tips on how to support our son’s learning progress at home. 

The teachers and the family always work together towards a same goal which is to guide and help the child develop and grow better. Our son got a lot of inspiration for creativity from his teacher Katrina’s various fun crafts projects as well. Learning has always been so much fun for our son. We believe that the Early Childhood education philosophy that House of Knowledge focuses is not only about now, but also about the child’s long-term future development. 

Q5 Would you share one of your nicest memories since your family joined HoK? 
Thanks to the hard work of the teachers for writing daily Childfolio articles and weekly newsletters, we are able to discover many happy faces of our son and his exciting moments at HoK. This allows us to discuss them with him and explore some of these topics further. Probably our most favorite moment was when together as a family, we built a Thomas tank engine costume made from cardboard for the dress-up party.

We thank Johannes’s family for their time, and we look forward to sharing with you more about our community members’ real thoughts towards HoK as well as to present you the real school life at HoK in our “Family Interview Series” soon. 

If you are interested to getting to know more about us, scan our Admissions team QR code below and arrange a campus tour to visit us! 

About Us

House of Knowledge (HoK) is a premium tri-lingual school (English, Chinese, German) accepting Chinese and foreign passport holders. Our campus is equipped with well-resourced classrooms, library, indoor gym, outdoor areas and computerized air-filters. 

The learning environment caters to children from 18 months to 6 years, utilizing the project-based learning approach and the International Early Years Curriculum. All teachers are native speakers and fully certified. A wide range of after-school activities caters to the creative and artistic talents of students.