It is officially time for the graduation season to begin! On Friday, July 2, the House of Knowledge KG Dolphin class students celebrated the completion of the 2020-2021 school year. This is a season full of harvesting and being grateful; this is also a season full of laughter, wishes, and outlooking for a brighter future.

On this day, the students from Nursery class, Pre-K English class, and German class participated with the KG class students in a most fabulous and unforgettable ceremony to celebrate their growing at school this academic year. We are also very excited to have invited our HoK community members to witness all these special moments with us together. Let’s take a look and review some highlights now!

• Class Performance Highlights 

The ceremony started with the Principal’s speech to reflect on  the whole academic year; then with a video that showcased all students’ fascinating school life on campus that witnessed their development, the parent from Pre-K Apple Class, Shoma’s mom, played a very cheerful song named  “Sweet child of mine” for the opening of the graduation ceremony. Afterwards, the Nursery Little Acorns Class, Pre-K Koala, Pre-K Apple, German Nimmersatt, and KG Dolphin Class have all brought their very own fabulous and exciting performances to the stage!

This year our graduation theme is “Ocean”, so the students brought their performances such as “Baby Shark”, “Under the Sea”, “A Sailor Went to Sea”, “Der Pirat” in German, and lastly the kindergarten goodbye song. All the HoK community members cheered and applaud for the children! It is very exciting to see the children grow up this much with lots of havest throughout the academic year.

• Parents Sending Wishes 

Pre-K class Dada’s Mom and KG class Annabelle’s Mom were invited to the stage to talk about the growth and the amazing transition of their children through the past few years their children spent at HoK. They have also expressed their gratitude to the school founders and all the academic teams who always tried their best to provide an outstanding educational environment for the children at a daily basis. In the end, the Moms sent the most sincere and best wishes to every child.  

• The Graduation Ceremony

This year, one of the most unique and special parts was the graduating KG class students receiving Graduation Certificates from their Lead Teacher as an official completion from the Kindergarten level.

Led by their teachers, the KG class students marched proudly into the gym and were greeted by camera flashes and sounds of congratulations as the younger students, all parents, and all faculty staff cheered for them.

When receiving the Graduation Certificates, the students were all so excited and happy to get such a special acknowledgement of their time at House of Knowledge! The whole HoK community was so proud of the children and they took many photos to witness and remember all these unforgettable moments.

Thank you, Mom! 

Parents are always there for us when we grow up. During our development, our parents have given us so much help, encouragement, and thoughtful care tirelessly. In the graduation ceremony, House of Knowledge has prepared flowers for each KG graduating student. The students went down the stage to give flowers to their moms and express their gratitude to their parents through all these years of their support. Thank you Daddy, Mom, and Grandparents for supporting and taking care of us!

Students sending wishes to KG class

As a premium trilingual school with lots of traditional German culture where students are immersed in a real multi-cultural school  environment, House of Knowledge’s younger age groups have come to stage and they sent best wishes to KG graduating students; as in German tradition, the school-mates and friends send lots of congrats when their friends graduate and they celebrate together. It was very touching and unforgettable when all the children celebrated these wonderful memories together as a big HoK family.

Dear KG students,

Congratulations on your completion of the Kindergarten level!

Graduation does not mean the end; instead, it is a beginning of another new chapter of your life. 

We hope that you have gained lots of happiness, harvest, and unforgettable memories when you grew up with HoK. 

We cherish the moments we had with you, and we wish you all the best for your future. Keep finding your own way to continue exploring this spectacular world!